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Natural Test Crashes as Soon as it Starts to Come Back

Can anyone shed any light on what’s going on here.

My test levels start to come back, my balls start to hang properly and I feel good, then I seem to shut down again, balls go up tight, test levels drop and I feel lethargic. This is a repeat cycle over about 2 weeks. Not taking anything and haven’t touched anything in a year.

@KSman any ideas?

Are you on TRT?

@KSman hasn’t posted here in a long time.

You have any bloodwork you could post that correlates with these two situations?

Stats? Age? Health overall? Drugs? Alcohol?

You said you haven’t touched anything in over a year…were you on TRT or were you just running steroid cycles before?

If this has been going on since 2013, then it sounds like the damage is done and you need TRT. I think you need to accept your HPTA may never function properly again do to prohormones.

I ran a few pro hormone cycles yeas back, I always bounced back within 4 to 6 weeks until one course, which seem to shut me down hard, I then struggled with low T, trying to restart witch HCG and tamoxifen a few times over a couple of years. I’ve not touched any pro hormone, HCG or tamoxifen for at least a year, and I now seem to be stuck in limbo land, sex drive comes starts to come back, I have good energy and my nuts seem full and hanging low, then bam, they ache one day and I’m shutting down, low energy, hanging high and low sex drive and struggle to get a hard on, wait a couple of weeks and I start to come back until I shut down again. Just goes round and round. Saying that it is an improvement to where I was a year a go, when I had low T symptoms all the time.

No recent tests no

Sounds like you need to get rolling with TRT brother. Ho old are you now?

30 now. Mmm I was hoping the fact I seem to start recovering, that there was light at the end of the tunnel. Just seems odd I start to recover but then shut down as though when you start a course.

I hear ya man, Our bodies are kinda finicky. we abuse them and abuse them, and they keep bouncing back…until one day they don’t.

Have you tried Clomid?

I have but not for a long time, but as far as I was aware, tamoxifen is fa better than clomid.

Why do you think tamoxifen is better?

Just from what I’ve read, they both do the same job, creating a negative feedback loop, but the mg of tamoxifen required is a fraction of the mg required of clomid for the same result.

I’ve heard mixed opionions here. Clomid stimulates LH more as much as I know and from bodybuilders I’ve heard tamoxifen to have worse side effects