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Natural Test Boosters During PCT (and Before)?

I’ve got some Tongkat Ali and would like to know if it is any good during PCT, even maybe on the downtime from the last pin to PCT. If it’s not any good, is there anything I can run during this downtime?

Yes nolva.

Don’t waste your money on test boosters

Thanks for the answer. I’ll stick to that.

If you feel compelled to add in some sort of over the counter supplement just know that usually at best they return marginal results. That being said there is nothing wrong with using something for added peace of mind. Just stay away from those mixed “all in one” supplements. Literally they are like 10 cents worth of ingredients and you pay dollars per dose. When you go and look at them look up the individual ingredients because there are a few out there that do help a little bit. If you decide you want to add it in go find that individual ingredient being sold by itself and usually buying online will be your best price option.

Just to reiterate almost every over the counter supplement is going to do very little in way of Testosterone support or testosterone production but there is nothing wrong with added peace of mind. If there was something that returned significant results then we would all be using it and there would be a world wide shortage.

Thanks for the response, now_i_care. I’ll do that.