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Natural Test Booster for PCT?


Hey guys, my cycle will be over in 2 weeks (my first one, 10 weeks total of just test-p/300mg/wk). Was planning on getting on a nat. test booster along with my nolva. I heard of some names but wanted to know from you guys's experience. I have heard of diesel test 2010, androbolix, t bomb, TRIBEX, oxo-6 and activate as some. have u guys taken any of these and did they work? or would u recommend anything better?


another one that I saw was unleashed w/ post cycle by protein factory on the BB site...


I don't know how much a test booster will help an easy transition to post cycle. I think if you had added HCG into the cycle that would have been more beneficial.

It certainly shouldn't hurt, given the selected product doesn't do the opposite of what it claims. When in doubt, stick with Biotest.


Sounds like a rather useless idea to me. You also never specified when you plan to use this product.


I am using hcg (500iu/e3d) and I plan on it 3 days after my last test-p shot. I mainly want it for libido...but read they help restore test levels some as well...


HCG is best used on cycle, to prevent testicular atrophy. By preventing atrophy your body will be able to start the recovery process sooner because it does not have to wait for your balls to regain the size they need to function. Many people use hCG in PCT but this practice is likely not ideal. But at least you aren't planning on injecting 1500iu multiple times per week.


My post hasnt showed up yet so I can't edit it. I think I misread your post. Did you mean you plan on ending it 3 days after your last prop shot, and just left out the word 'ending'? Disregard my post if that's the case.


I've used TRIBEX pretty successfully in my PCT (I use Prisoner's taper). I start taking it after the stasis period, as I start the taper, and it seems to help me "hit the ground running" so to speak. After my taper is over I continue to run the TRIBEX for a month.



my bad, i can see why its confusing, I plan on ending the hcg about a week before my cycle is over and planned on starting my pct with the test booster 3 days after my last test shot...