Natural Test Boost

Looking for different ways to increase test or atleast get a little bit of an edge aide of the main: whey/casein, creatine hcl, fat burner, pre workout with no, and vitamins that would correspond with healthy regimine. Have done pro’s in the past but would like to go a more natural route. Experimented with stingin nettle, fenugreek, tribulus, and have not went the ZMA route nor the DHEA route. Thanks…Also feel free to chime in on any supplements worth throwing in the mix.

If your profile is correct and you are 23 why do you think you need to “Boost Testosterone”?

Any symptoms of low T?

I ask because most herbal supplements do not “Boost” testosterone they optimize is. That is to say if your levels are low some herbs and minerals can bring them back up to a normal level. If however you want to push your T to abnormally high levels herbs will do little to help.

I’ve looked up the same question. I heard these are good natural ways

dead lift
don’t drink out of plastic
don’t eat/drink soy

I do all of these

[quote]Mike__Madden wrote:
I do all of these[/quote]
Good, at 16 your testosterone would probably be in the sh*tter without those things.

yeah I heard at 16 buying a test booster would be useless so natural ways work, I buy $10 tribulus on occasion but nothing ridiculous

If you are under the age of 30, natural T-boosters are pretty pointless. As JLone said, they optimize your current T-levels. If you already have high T-levels (any weight lifting male under 30, unless proven low by a blood test), T-boosters will not raise your natural T-levels.

Prohormones and T-boosters are two different things, although they work well in conjunction.

You dont need any, just eat good and take your multi vitamins. ZMA helped me a lot, way better than tribulus or any other test booster.

10 hours sleep

^^haha, not everyone can sleep at will.

OP, try taking cold showers. Check the research.

Maintaining a low body fat%, sleeping within your circadian rhythm, intense physical activity, proper mineral levels, avoiding chemicals present in plastics, hygiene products, perfumes, dyes…

Or just being young. Take your pick.