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Natural Teen Training Split


Im an ectomorph weighing 188lbs with about 15% bodyfat and 6’1 tall and I have been using a once a week spit for a couple of years but I feel progress has been quite minimal. My upper body is lacking quite a bit and I am wondering if training each muscle group twice a week would be more beneficial for me as a natural, tall ectomorph? I am eating enough but muscle gains are very minimal, last bulk I gained mostly fat. I am thinking of a slight calorie surplus with training each muscle twice a week for the next year. I tried this with arms and it seemed to be working. Im am wondering what’s the best approach for me to use and I appreciate all help I can get.

How to Tailor Training Toward my Goals?

It’s a try-it-and-see situation. I would personally feel a bit beat up in the ole joints, but lots of people do it and like it.

Sadly there’s never an easy answer for questions like this. The answer will always be that you just need to try it.


Ectomorph? I think Chris C just poured himself a strong one…

Being 6’3" and 50, I can only recommend full body. But at the end of the day, do what works for you.


I am very similar. Try a full body program 3x a week, focusing on heavy compound movements, squats, press, rows, and dreads. Then 2x per week do an10-15 high intensity cardio session, to help burn fat.


Just do one of these:


The workouts rampant badger tagged look very close to my workouts my soph junior year of high school ,i made great gains.
6ft 1 188 isnt bad many guys you’re height only weigh 150 ish, your probably get more meso than you think. Just do me a favor and pick one of the programs mentioned and stick to it , dont buy muscle mag see a professional bodybuilders routine and try it
And diet ,eat when you are hungry and have food available, im not saying walk around with 3 pounds of chicken breast , but a sandwich, and or a meal replacement shake is handy.


A) There’s no such thing. You’re just tall and on the skinnier side.

B) You have a great general structure and, objectively speaking, seem naturally suited to having a muscular build with wide shoulders and a small waist.

I disagree. I took the liberty of throwing these together based on pics you posted in your other thread. If you want it removed, let me know.

Now, the first pic is a crappy angle, but you said that was 160 pounds on the left and 188 on the right. So almost 30 pounds gained with basically zero body fat added. Like some of us said in your other thread, just stay the course, bump up the patience, and keep going.

As far as routines go, an upper/lower split can be a great way to hit everything twice a week. Take a look at Blending Size and Strength by Clay Hyght or Big Boy Basics from Chad Waterbury, or this routine by, um, me.


Thank you, your help is appreciated. I guess I’ve made more progress than I think. I will check out the routines.


An upper lower split would likely fit the bill here. Make sure to start each workout with a lift you aim to improve the weight lifted. Focus on executing the lifts properly and increasing weight as it comes. As well pay attention to what lifts are the best for YOU (ex hammer curls might feel better than reverse curls). Research what a proper diet looks like. Don’t just go smashing calories. And last but not least make sure to pick a routine you enjoy!


I compared measurements I made when I started to train more seriously a couple of years ago with now and I noticed that my arms had the highest percentage growth, about double everything else. Arms is the only muscle group I have worked out 2x a week during the last 1.5 years. It seems like 2x a week for every muscle group is the way to go for me. So I recently started a program similar to PHAT, upper/lower.


What’s wrong with PHAT?


What are you talking about?


StrongLifts 5x5/Wendler 5’s Pro and a 500-1000 calorie surplus. These are simple, effective and you’ll see results you’ve never seen before doing these programmes


You are doing "similar " to PHAT.

What is wrong with PHAT?


Added some mobilty and injury prevention work and a couple of things I like. Tweaked things to suit me better, therefore “similar to PHAT”


That is PHAT.

As long as you keep to the concept of power and hypertrophy, you are doing PHAT.

Excellent program.


Yeah, I think it will be great