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Natural T Causing Gyno Flare Up?

Hello all,

I have a minor case of gyno from an ill-advised prohormone cycle which developed back in my newbie days circa 2009. Live and learn and all that. Since then I’ve run a couple of test cycles with positive results but inevitably lost much of that progress due to various bouts of illness, diet issues, and general ill-prepared to justify that kind of lifestyle. I’ve been natural for over a year just building a solid base naturally and really dialing things in while experiencing zero issues with gyno. A future cycle is not out of the question but currently I am happy with my consistency of training and diet. For the time being I am content to continue the natural route to see what kind of progress I can make while I continue to refine my training and diet.

Just in the past week, I’ve been feeling the tell-tale signs of a “flare-up” such as a slight burning and tenderness in the nipple region which I would typically associate with elevated testosterone/estrogen levels, similar to being on cycle and not using enough ancillaries to combat the rise in estrogen. It is my feeling that these symptoms are actually a result of my training and diet being so good that my natural testosterone has become elevated and might be the cause of the flare-up. It’s not a major issue as I still have aromasin and even letrozole on hand and today I’ve started a low dose of the aromasin (approx. 12.5mg) just to see if that will fix the problem. In actuality the dose is probably even lower than that as the aromasin is in liquid form and has probably degraded as it’s at least a year old. If needed I can always get more and my symptoms right now aren’t very acute, just slightly annoying.

I’m 33 years old, 6’4, about 210 lbs, with a rough guess of 12-15% body fat. My question is, could my natural testosterone levels be the root cause? If so I am happy to deal with the minor annoyance of running a low dose AI while off cycle. I’ve seen posts by a couple other users who prefer to run a low dose AI at all times off cycle and now I am considering that route as well. For what it’s worth, I ran a very generous PCT after my previous test cycles and for all accounts felt quite recovered and never experienced any kind of gyno issues until now. Unfortunately I have no blood work to back this up so getting that done is an option as well.

Your thoughts?

I don’t have proof of this but, I think any gyno you may not have known you had during your cycles can re-flare up. I took tribulus after being off aas for 1 year and swear to fuck got a lump behind my nip. Ever since then it would come and go - I would treat with AI’s or SERMs.

To answer your last paragraph more directly - I don’t think it has anything to do with “natural test.” You’ve run cycles, you’ve already set up the chess pieces for gyno to checkmate.