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Natural T Boosting


I will be 48 in about a month, and due to a bad motorcycle accident some years back, I take some meds that probably don't help my low normal T levels.

When I take Alpha Male, my T levels do get up to mid-normal, which I am fine with. My question to anyone is can I take AM or ?? on a regular basis to keep the T-levels up a bit?

I have found that Trib by itself does not work for me.

Any suggestions?


Do you have any serum E2 lab work results?


I'd also like to know if that sort of supplement can be taken indefinitely, or if it should be cycled. Does anyone know the answer?


Yes, I'll have to dig them out. I took the first test without any supps, and it was low. I took the second while taking AM and it was mid-normal for my age.

What I really noticed was the way I felt. Recently, while not taking any supps, I have that low energy, no ambition feeling again.

I work in the health care profession and have access to docs, who tell me considering my recovery, the meds I take, and my age; low T is a reality.

I am just looking for a long(er) term plan that will help me naturally boost my T



You take drugs that lower your T and are looking for a natural way to boost your T? Testosterone is natural and you can do TRT. Better to review your drugs for their negative effects on hormones and selecting alternatives that are not endocrine disruptive.


Well....first of all, I don't take them because it is fun. I take them because a physican prescribes them. So yes, these do lower my T to low normal levels and I am looking for a natural way to boost it.

Why does that sound strange to you


Search for alternatives to your current medication. Just because a doc prescribes them doesnt mean they are right for you. If there is no other way around it, look into TRT.