Natural T-Booster Help

I took a Natty T-booster last year and when I came off of it my hormones were definitely all out of whack. It took months before my hormones balanced out again. I did get good results however and was thinking about taking it again for 6 weeks possibly. I was wondering if there is anything I should stack with it or maybe take once I finish my 6 weeks to try and gradually bring my hormone levels back to normal.(When I took it last year I took it everyday for 6 weeks and just stopped when I ran out.) If anyone has any advice or could help out it would be appreciated. Thanks.

what was your booster what does it consist of and what hormones did mess up?how old are u

I am 25 years old and I took Neogenix Supremacy. The hormones being messed up that I was referring to were my test dropped too low, and my estrogen went way up. I say this because the side effects I experienced were, well my balls shrunk and I experienced ED for about 6 months…I was happy with the results I got in the gym, but obviously I want nothing to do with those sides ever again. Which is why I asked if there was something I should stack with it or take when I come off of it to try and gradually level out my hormones. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

Did u do blood test?post the results so u can get the help needed.
If u didn’t and just guessing then u might need to do one as maybe u messed up many things u don’t know.

We really have no idea what is in that product. Your estrogen rebound and shutdown does not make any sense for the listed ingredients. Your experience seems to be what we expect from a pro-hormone product or SERM.

If you have labs, post them. The only way to know what is going on is labs before, during and after; checking:


Read the advice for new guys sticky. If you are looking for encouragement to take more of this product; you have come to the wrong place.

I looked this product up, and it claims to be herbel, some of the symtoms you claim, I haven’t even had from real gear. This has to be an advertiser, sneakin on to Tnation, If so you,d get way more swole from Alpha Male, and all the other Biotest gear, 2cents