Natural T Booster for an Over 40 Lifter

I have read various articles on this site but cannot seem to get a clear picture of what natural products to use to keep testosterone up without going the pharmaceutical route.
I have bought novadex xt by Gaspari and read on this site that you guys think it’s crap.

So, being new to this game, and want to know from the older guys what are you using, and what are your results plain and simple. I had my blood work done already and as usual my test are a little low, estrodial are within reasons though.
My doc wanted me to increase the DHEA amount -i’m currently taking (50mg) to 100mg. He stated that he has seen test raise quite a bit in his male patients when they incrase their DHEA levels.

What do you guys think plain and simple?



I used to take DHEA. I have heard some offhand comments that it is not good for you, but I haven’t been able to find any details of that. when I took it, I took 125mg/day (at a weight of 295 with 30+% bodyfat), and it made me feel good. I prefer Alpha Male, which is a Biotest product. They are currently back ordered, but try it. I still use the DHEA when I am out of Alpha Male.

As a note, the Alpha Male has some stuff that boosts thyroid as well, and I don’t think the TRIBEX has that.

Thanks guys for helping an old man out.
It’s hell getting old but at least i can fight it every step of the way.
My wife tells me i am getting better…but your wife is suppose to tell you that -right guys…LOL!

I will try both of these products and see how it goes…thanks again.