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Natural Steroids?

 sort of new to the whole "natural steriods" but as ive been supplimenting for years now im ready for something more. i need to keep things legal for job purposes, so im looking into these so called natural steriods... im looking for any advice or info on them whats good whats crap and whats good to stack with what...

thanks again guys, its very much appreicated!




I assume you are talking about the "legal steroids" or whatever the hell they are. They don't work, it's just a BS marketing ploy. The only reason they can call them steroids is because they are made from the steroid skeleton (4 linked rings, 3 six membered one five membered, yada yada) and I don't even know if THAT's true.

Maybe they don't even have the skeleton and they are faking the whole thing. There is a difference between just steroids and anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS, and none are legal unless prescribed). Cholesterol is a steroid, but it is not an anabolic androgenic steroid. The only ones that are are the known synthetic derivatives of testosterone.

I suggest you do a bit more research into what you want to put into your body, do some searches. And for the love of God learn to spell steroids.


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oh oops steroids... lol my bad was in a hurry and didnt pre read... i got on this kick because i stumbled across Tetrahydrogestrinone THG, i was told it was originally a "natural steroid" and the FDA just recently banned it... so i was just checking to see if anything else was half worth it... thanks again guys!


Joey is completely right! There is plenty of ads in "bodybuilding" mags for Legal Steroids/HGH/IGF-1. According to WADA, all of them are considered doping. If they say a steroid is "legal" or "natural" it is a steroid in name only. You will not have the same result as real Performance Enhancing Substances.

If you are worried about failing a drug test there is plenty of ways around them. You just need to know what you are doing (I don't think you fall into this category) or hire someone who does.


You have plenty of natural steroids in your arteries as it is.



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You have to clarify your definition of "natural steroid." A natural steroid can be a steroid that exists naturally in the body; that would include testosterone, dihydrotestosterone, etc. these are all illegal schedule 3 drugs.

I doubt your job would test you for steroids since it's a different test from the typical recreational drug test, and it's considerably more expensive. If you believe ANY of the bull ads in the muscle magazines that call their products steroids or steroid alternatives you're very naive.


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You mean I have illegal drugs in my system right now?!?

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Yes, you do have test in your system but not extra test.


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Try some soy isoflavones.... It's natural, and hormonal! Much too powerful for me though!


Yeah, I swallowed a balloon filled with DHT before I swam here from Mexico.