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Natural solutions to help acne

With keeping the diet good, and drinking plenty of water, along with a good topical ointment, is there any good suggestions you guys could give ?

Go see your MD and ask to be referred to a Dermatologist. They will know what to do. YOu will probably get a laundry list of natural cures from other readers which may or may not work for you. I suffered for quite some time from mild acne that never responded well to OTC meds. The derm put me on antibiotics and Differin and this combo worked very well for me. Previously I had tried B-5, and nearly every available OTC topical. So, if its a problem-go see a dermatologist.

I’ve had great success with Pantothenic (sp??) acid at about 5 grams a day. Do a google search and you should find some helpful links.

100000 iu vitamin A ED. Moisturizer, preferably something good like clinique.

Hey man, I feel your pain! All through high school I was one pimply bastard and for years had to get all photos retouched or I’d look awful. As I sympathize with your predicament, I will share what I learned from my struggle with hopes that it will help you.

I will preface this by saying that I have very oily, fair skin(never have been able to tan well). I tried all the OTC methods(Clinique, Nutragena everything, Oxy, etc) and found varying results, but nothing really noteworthy as the acne persisted. I definitely second going to see your doc, and you might even be able to avoid paying for a dermatologist(unless insurance covers it)by getting your GP to prescribe stuff for you.

Most docs will likely begin with an antibiotic regimen based on Tetracyclic antiobiotics(Tetracycline, Minocycline, Doxycycline, etc)…these are also shown to reduce the chance of Anthrax infections ;o) For me, those didn’t work all that well although for some friends it did. They might also stack that with some sort of topical, Retin-a is popular although iritating for many, or an Erythromycin based topical solution(same AB you take for upper respiratory stuff). I had great results with the Eryth. topical solution and use it to this day to keep minor breakouts under control, especially when on Tribex & M. If that doesn’t work, the big gun is Acutane and you may hear mixed opinions on this one. Your doc will want to do monthly liver function tests to monitor your body’s tolerance of it, but don’t let that scare you away from it becuase IT WORKS! Without fail I’ve seen this thing kick the shit out of Acne for me and for dozens of friends, and I tell my friends to skip the initial bullshit drugs and get to the big gun. Start with the smallest dosage(20mg/day) and you can increase it if that doesn’t work well enough. BE WARNED THOUGH–it will dry your face out like a mofo! And, initially, your acne will get worse, but then the worst is over. After a few months on this stuff, my bad acne(face, back, neck, chest…huge comedones)went away and has never really returned.

The other post about high Vit A intrigues me as this might work via the same mechanism as the antibiotics and acutane which are in many ways the same thing. If you have the patience give it a whirl as there’s a good chance it’d work, but I’d ask a doc or a pharmacist about side effects just to be safe.

Sorry for the long post but I think it may be helpful for you. If you’re without insurance, then you might want to try ordering your meds from overseas(try drugbuyers.com for a good list)as it can save you an assload, especially on acutane(approx. $300/month here in the US I think). Dont worry about importing them too much as they are not controlled substances, merely prescription-only meds(unlike Oxycodone/hydrocodone opiates and other pain-killers), so you don’t need to worry about getting arrested for ordering w/o prescrption if you can’t afford a doc. I hope this long post helps you out and at the very least affords you some measure of hope that you have many options to lick this thing. Good luck!

Make sure to drink plenty of water. Also try to avoid touching face with hands and the phone. Wash your pillow cases and do not sleep with hair gel or any hair products in. I usually shave more often and use nivia products. they work good. I was on accutane but thats just a pain. It worked but just watching what touchs your face really does help. later

Thanks man, and others for you information. I don’t have severe acne, just mild which is treated well with proactiv. I might just talk to a dermatologist to see if there is a better solution.

Thanks again!