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Natural Progesterone Cream vs Adex/Aromasin


Thank you for your advice and perspective…

My HRT Dr has been fine re Test doseage (I’m now at 25 MG every 3.5 days, sub Q, per your posts). He is clueless re estrogen supression (read Adex, Aromasin).

Having done a lot of research for my GF re estrogen/progesterone, is it not possible to use the nat’l cream to counteract E2 vs the aforementioned?

Thank you for your thoughts

On rereading my post, realized my test error…should read 100 MG/3.5 days. Sorry

I’m not KSman, but I can tell you from personal recent experience that it won’t control aromatase anywhere near as well as anastrozole or aromasin.

Do you have any E2 labs suggesting that you have elevated E2? E2 rises with TT, and 50mg of…test cyp/enth?? a week is a very low dosage, so E2 will be low as well. You may not even need an aromatase inhibitor. Don’t be too quick to jump into something that you may not need.

Read the stickies on the top of the forum post list. They have a little yellow notepad next to them. Post all labs you have. Doctors miss a lot and you might have underlying issues that haven’t been addressed that may save you from a world of pain down the road.

Best wishes to you.

Estrogen dominance is dangerous for men and women. Women get breast cancer, monthly aching breasts, endothelial dysfunction, insulin resistance, diabetes, fibroids and cancer, PMS etc. Men endothelial dysfunction, insulin resistance, diabetes, prostate enlargement/cancer and can become bitchy [male PMS], ED, lost libido etc.

Progesterone balances E2 in women. Testosterone balances E2 in men. High progesterone probably would create libido issues for men on TRT and for those not on TRT, would reduce T levels.

Get anastrozole on your own. Google [research chemical anastrozole]

Thank you very much for your thoughts and taking time to respond.

The reason I’m thinking high E2 (my labs should be back today), is the small dep of fat in my front stomach area…I’ve always been able to get rid of it with serious cardio, but this time nothing is working (BF apprx 10%…Tanita, I know, I know!!). This is driving me crazy as I’ve never had the “pooch” before!

Thanks very much KSman, I replied to Kanon311 and will update when I get my latest labs…

Both E2 and thyroid problems can block fat loss. See the thyroid basics sticky.