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Natural Powerlifter Longevity

Can a pass 60 years old powerlifter maintain about equal about of the total when they 25-40?
is there any studies about this?

The masters divisions at IPF raw worlds have been lifting over the past few days. All of the footage is available on the IPF channel on Youtube. You should take a look to see what the best 60+ tested lifters in the world are capable of.

As for your question, I’m pretty sure there are no studies of this in the context of powerlifting, and the answer would depend primarily on how strong the lifter was when they were 25-40. A 60 year old who takes up formal weight training in his 50’s could well be stronger than he ever was at 25-40. A competitive lifter at a decently high level at 25-40 is almost certain to total less in his 60’s, but the best way to know for sure is to keep training to be as strong as you can and see where the chips fall.

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I cant really answer your question, but all I know is June 15, 2056 is a squat day for me…


At what point does breaking a hip become a real possibility? (this is a serious question)

definitely. thanks for the reply mate

My training partner is 57 now at 230lbs. Still totalling 1500+ raw and drug free. It just depends on how you progressed early on in your life I guess. He used to bench 385x8 before his heart attack at 50 years old. Still pulling 640+ and benching 400+ every contest.

His best lifts post heart attack are 462/425/655. He never competed before the heart attack. I got him interested in competition and now he loves it.

Funny part is he was a track athlete in school as a hurdler.