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Natural PCT

Thought I would post this. I have not tried this yet, but I may give it a shot. This is from someone that knows his stuff.

Good info on PCT. I agree with everything you said and thats the sorta PCT I used to follow… However I often can replace clomid therapy with a much safer (more effective IMO) natural alternative.

I suggest using exemestane (aromasin) at 10mg ED for at least a couple weeks to make sure estrogen levels are in the low/normal range.

Here is a post I made a few months back about my natural alternative:

Start the use of the below supplements and continue using them for at least 16 weeks. They will greatly help your progress with improving your hormonal profile, increasing libido and general feeling of vitality. (and of course raising testosterone levels)

M by Biotest
RED KAT by Biotest
500mg Indole-3-carbinol ED
500mg DIM ED(by Bio-resonse)
1000mg Calcium-D-Glucarate
1gm TMG ED
ZMA ED by (Biotest) (taken before bed)
2-4mg Ketotifen by (IBE) (taken before bed)

Drop everything else that you are using including any androgens or prohormones.

Do the above and then get your test levels checked again after 16 weeks.