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Natural PCT

Anyone has used natural pct, I’ve been studying for 3.5 years on cycle and pct, and have learned many bad things about nolva especially, messes up with the whole endocronological system, long term effect, making people ending up blasting and cruising…my plan for next cycle, is running on pct, *HCG from the second week to the last, indoli 3 carbinol which could be large portion of broccoli if extract isn’t available, which could be considered a aromatase inhibitor, zinc and tribulus and maybe even a ZMA, starting with a solid dose and decreasing it to normal levels, vitamin c for water retention, starting with 1g to 3g and other such as vitamin D and E, what are thoughs, been researching a lot on it, check it out and give me opinions

Can you post the studies on nolva and it messing up the hpta please

Replacing a serving of broccoli for Anastrozole? Ok, let us know how that goes.

[quote]eaboadar wrote:
Replacing a serving of broccoli for Anastrozole? Ok, let us know how that goes.[/quote]

Bro is that gyno??!!

Naw man it can’t be I had my broccoli today

Will post the articles later, cruciferous which contain indole3 carboniol, are used to prevent breast cancer, it’s a natural aromatase inhibitor, the problem is it’s so easy to take nolva(tamoxifen) so everyone uses it without going deep into it, the whole nolva,Clomid pct has long term effects your endocronological system, nothing against anastrozole (aramidex) as I think they should be used as low does throughout a cycle, the i3C is just an alternative.

I’ll post some legit articles later. There’s a lot of substance people don’t know about such as androsta 3,5. Hydroxyecdysone, that should be used on pct

I don’t doubt that broccoli can have some anti-estrogen properties. I think I’ve read something on that too somewhere. My point is that the amounts of the active compound needed to act as an effective aromatase inhibitor (comparable to Anastrozole or Letrozole) are very likely impossible to consume by eating broccoli. The study you mentioned would be helpful on this matter.

Moving on, Zinc will only raise testosterone levels in those who have a deficiency of that mineral. The same goes for vitamin D. I haven’t encountered anything that suggests that taking Vitamin C will have a positive impact on the HPTA. Again, if you have studies on this please post the links to help the discussion.

Also, you claim that SERMs have “long term effects your endocrinological system”. Please specify. Otherwise the comment is very bogus. As far as I know, the only drawback of Nolvadex is that it seems to be somewhat carcinogenic but in the context of shot term PCT, the risk may be limited.

Overall, I think it a poor strategy to use supplements instead of proven drugs in this instance since their effectiveness at doses that can realistically be taken is likely marginal at best in these circumstances.

… If your looking into a natural way to keep estro under control because your afraid of the long term effects of a PCT… Then I assume your not going to run AAS in the first place you know because of the possible long term effects of steroids on your Endocrine system. Kinda rendering the idea of a natural PCT pretty pointless.

It’s not for it being “natural”, or else I wouldn’t pin in the first place, but why fuck up my endocrine system in the first place if I could use other substances! what I mean is that there’s so much about pct that people don’t give a fu*k, and they just do the whole SARMS, because that’s what everyone says in every post. It’s ignorant saying that broccoli will cure gyno, there’s so many substance that could be referred as “natural” that should be a part of the pct, doesn’t mean the whole pct has to be natural, as I referred that HGC should be apart as well as you could you a arimidex, aromasin during cycle. But it’s so much easier to do Clomid/Nolva which do have a negative side effect on the body, as by long term, I don’t mean years. I have plenty of articles and studies to back it up, one which is from a endocronogist that is a bodybuilder himself, trains one of the best bb around. Once I go home I’ll put everything up, if anyone eccually is willing learn. Thanks mates

You do realize that AAS damages your endocrine system much harder right? I get a PCT can mess you mess up bit what do you think 12-20 weeks of just Test will do?