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Natural PB- good, Peanuts-bad....why?

Peanuts are not recommended, yet all natural PB is, is peanuts and salt…why are they different?

I eat tons of peanuts. They’re good. Make sure to get unsalted ones. Per 100g, you get:
49g fat, 43g of it unsaturated. 26g of protein. And 19g of carbs, not from sugar. It’s my staple fat source, screw the oils, I say. You can buy a kilo of blanched peanuts for like $2

They aren’t different. One potential advantage to natural PB is that you can pour off a fair amount of the oil before eating, but that is it. They are the same thing, just in different forms.

I think your confusion comes from hearing different peoples’ opinions. For example, Berardi says to avoid peanuts. Other nuts have better fatty acid ratios and peanuts cause alot of allergy problems. On the other hand, Shugart recommends natural peanut butter to skinny guys because it’s very calorically dense. One thing is for sure, always use natural. Regular peanut butter is just lard. And don’t get reduced fat. They usually add soy and other crap. Just pour off the oil to reduce the fat before you stir it up and put it in the fridge.

o.k., i know this is stupid, but why poor off the oil? i thought the fat was good?

I LOVE PB! mixed with low carb grow it is awesome!

Raw nuts and unsalted nuts are the only good nuts to eat. Everything else is robbed of all the healthy benefits. Roasted nuts are bad! So eat them raw baby!

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I pour off the oil and replace with flax seed oil. This way I get a more balanced omega 3 to 6 ratio. If you just pour off the oil, it is very dry and hard to spread.

The question is still unanswered. The standard recommendation for bulking bodybuilders is PB, not peanuts, and to pour off the oil. (Eric Serrano, who prescribes fats for growth, still makes that recommendation.)I’ve also wondered why.

bump! why pour off the oil?

Most pour off the oil to reduce the cals. As said, this stuff is dense with calories. Fine for the hardgainer guy, but not for those of us who just love the taste and can eat too much of it if not careful. I add natural PB to chocolate low carb Grow. Tastes like a Reeses peanut butter cup. Yuuuuuuummmmmmmmyyyyyy.

Pour off the oil? Isn’t that why we choose natural PB in the first place?

try almond butter

The fat makeup of peanut butter is actually quite healthy. And how do you know the macronutrient content if you pour out the oil? You’re sure all the fat came to the top? I wouldn’t even eat peanut butter if it wasn’t for the fat content. The protein in PB, if it is in fact a complete protein, is still very low quality as far as proteins go. I just count the protein as a very slow carb or carb-release slowing fat in the context of my diet.

All I know is that I bought natural peanut butter for the first time the other night and it is THE BOMB. Tastes just like GIF, except there are no hydrogenated death oils in it like GIF and Skippy and all those other ones.

I was thrilled to look at the ingredients:

Peanuts, salt.

Man it is soooo tasty!!!

LOL! Hydrogenated Death Oil, sounds like a metal band.

Once I’d tried the real stuff, the commercial brands became inedible to me.

I agree that once you go natural, any other style (especially creamy) just doesn’t taste good. My favorite is Adam’s Peanut Butter. I don’t really like Laura Scudders or Trader Joe’s brand.

As for the "pour off the oil" question - the only reason one would do this would be to reduce the calories. Aside from being a good healthy fat source, it's high in fiber and is a decent source of incomplete proteins. Personally, I love peanut butter and eat some almost every day and never pour off the oil. But I will admit, that the flaxseed idea sounds intriguing as I already use peanut butter in combo with flaxseed oil in my protein shakes to mask the flax taste.

This morning I opened a jar of Adams and poured out the oil and replaced it with flax. I could definitely taste the flax flavoring. I don’t think flax necessarily has a bad taste, but I’m not sure if I cared for the change it made to the PB. Maybe experiment with a spoonful or something first to make sure you like it.