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Natural Pain Killers


I just caught on to a pattern, that on heavy workout days I have trouble sleeping that night. Not always, but most of the time. Then I realized that pain may be keeping me awake. See, after a hard session early in the day - that evening my body just aches! This seems to be keeping me awake. So, I'm thinking maybe some natural painkillers (herbal?) might be a healthy way to reduce this pain and help me sleep. Maybe something like Bromelain? I don't know much about these things and have no experience with them.

I think an epsom bath and light massage would help out a good deal, but I'm wondering if there is anything I can supplement to reduce the pain without drugs.



cissus quadrangularis helped with my neck pain
4-6caps per day


my nightime cocktail is


out like a light. REALLY graphic and cool dreams too. Think thats the ZMA.


Aspirin (white willow bark)? Though I remember reading somewhere in a JB article it lowers Test Levels.


violatepropriety, what dosage?
What do the acronyms stand for?

Where can you buy?


BTW, most people want to avoid taking malatonin every night for the same reason you cycle AAS. Melatonin is an active hormone and there is a negitave feedback loop.


You can take melatonin every night. Do you have any information to back up your theory?

I stack melatonin and ZMA every night and have been for a while. No problems here. I bet adding in glutamine would help with muscle cramping and soreness. Have to look into that...


ZMA is sold on this site.

I don't take it every night, but it certianly helps me get to sleep after workouts. I don't really have any pain but it helps relax the muscles, good stuff and cheap too.


Are you using a good EFA supp? Excellent natural anti-inflammatory.