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Natural Options for T

I was hoping to get some input from those who’ve either had personal experience or a deeper research based understanding of legal / “natural” t-boosters. I have no issues with AAS and have contemplated an attempt but there’s still something about having gotten this far on a controlled diet and application of solid programs such as 5/3/1 that keeps me trying without. IMHO AAS having the stigma and legal issues it has is a load of horse shit for a variety of reasons but I digress.

The meat of the matter is that I was considering the combination of:
Trib at doses of 3-4 mg a day
D-Asparatic at 3mg a day
and possibly Alpha Male

Thibs, a contributor to T-mag has made mention of using Alpha and Trib so that’s what got me started on this.

I figure if these methods work to increase natural test, then some kind of inhibitor would need to be included to keep estrogen in-check, this is also where I would like some advise. I could look to something like Arimidex to help, however I’m of the opinion that for a natural approach that might be over-kill and are there any natural alternatives that would be effective and sufficient.

My Stats at a glance:
Age: 35
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 185
BF: 17-18%

OHP: 3x165
PRESS: 3x265
DEAD: 3x385
SQUAT: 3x295

Thanks for take the time.


there is a forum called t-replacement.
in the Pharma catagory

you might have better luck there.

[quote]kmcnyc wrote:
there is a forum called t-replacement.
in the Pharma catagory

you might have better luck there.[/quote]

Thanks, any known way to move a post? Hate to double post.

Really depends on where you are at. Things that work to raise T levels for those that are on the low side might not work as well for those that already have high or healthy levels.

If you can find a way to get some blood work done, you might be able to take a more informed approach. Otherwise it’s all really a crapshoot.

Do you sleep well? If not addressing that will raise T.
Is E2 high? If so addressing that will increase T.
Is your DHEA low? If so addressing that will raise T.
Is SHBG high? If so addressing that will raise available T.

Getting good sleep, basic diet and suplimentation, raising DHEA, lowering E2 have all worked well for me. Alphamale worked well for me. I am talking DAA now and I feel like it’s definately worth taking for the price, but I haven gotten blood work to verify yet. My T was pretty low to start with so someone else might not get the same results.

You need labs to establish where you’re at, before you do anything. The supps you mention, as dhickey says, often don’t work for guys who are hypogonadal (but may work well for guys that are just low-average T).

Also, you don’t necessarily have to jump straight to taking testosterone. Some guys have excellent results just bringing Estradiol check with an AI, which will also raise T significantly because less is being aromatized. Some also have had success with HCG-only therapy. Both are definitely less drastic than replacing all your natural T with exogenous. There’s a fair chance they won’t be enough, but it’s worth a try since most guys on T will also need an AI and HCG anyway.

As for “natural AI’s” I would caution you there. Estrogen is powerful stuff and I would not trust an herbal supp to keep it in check. Whatever you do, just monitor it with periodic labs. Anastrozole is a great drug, it’s very rare to see negative side effects unless you’re taking too much of it.

@dhickey & @reidnez, thank you for the great info.

I’ve thought about getting tested, however being in Canada I’m not at all too sure whom to turn to. My own Dr. ran me through a blood test for sugars and other ends when I did the recommended “feeling depressed, can’t get an erection, no sex drive” song, but not for Test levels. My next step is to ask straight up to have those tests run but I have a feeling that wont get me far. The Canadian social based system doesn’t make it easy to find a sympathetic Dr.

I’ve searched online and there “test kits” for this, but does anyone know if they work, are event remotely accurate and provide the needed information?

Last, with regard to just using a pharma grade AI. Is this something you could just start with or is the caveat of having the tests run still a big part. Also, are web based purchases of pharma grade AI I high risk item for not getting what you bought, or worse, something downright dangerous? i.e. same as AAS.

Bloody heck, I think I answered my own question regarding the “test kits”. I should really read sticky’s more often:

"-DO NOT do saliva testing for T or E2 and expect any help here " from sticky thread

Still wondering about the safety of pharma AI though.