Natural Muscle

How much “natural” muscle do you think an athlete like a baseball player could actually put on, in the off season which is 3-4 months, if there training and nutrition were perfect? I figure a baseball player could really only train for added mass during the off season as during the season they probably are more focused with maintenance.

Just curious because we all have seen how Bonds has grown over the years and the rumors of his steroid use.

too many variables to make an accurate assumption here, like: conditioning level, previous training, hormone levels, genetics, so forth. laters pk

obviousl it totally depends on the indiviual, but i dont see why they could put on at least 10kg in a good offseason, if they were still young and relatively inexperience as far as gym work goes…

Of course, as far as pure muscle mass is concerned, in one year it’s only possible to add 5lbs of muscle for every 95lbs of lean body weight.
If you’re 200lbs, you can add 10lbs max.
Unless you’re on steroids I guess.
Ask any doctor or whatever. He’ll tell you the same thing. The reason some people add 25lbs un their first year of training, is because the muscles get a lot more receptible(spelling?) to glycogen, and they also add some fat. It’s possible to add fat even though your bf percentage doesn’t go up. Remember, it’s a percentage of your body mass.

Has head grown like 3/4"? I have never known a grown man who’s cap size has grown as he gained weight like this.

The injuries, too much muscle for supporting parts for high impact activities?

Bonds is a great ballplayer with a keen eye for his pitch, but he so much more bat speed than he did earlier in his career.

fowler i think you need to spend some more time reading before you post on here again. i think that may be the single most uninformed statement i have ever heard.

Thank you, P-Dog for saying something. You’ve saved me the effort.

My god.


Where did you get the idea that only 5lbs of muscle can be gained for every 95lbs, in one year?

I am not critisizing you. I am curious as to where you have obtained this information. I doubt highly that it was on this site!

Holy hell.

Ditto to these replies Fowler, what possesses you?

Well, I’ve got a friend who studies this stuff here in Norway.
Think about it though: When was the last time you gained over appx 10lbs of PURE lean muscle mass in one year? In your first year of training, the ability of the muscles to store glycogen increases dramatically, and this, along with fat gain, is(apparently) the reason why your weight increases so much.
Please, don’t think I’m some pencilneck who can’t gain weight and uses this as some sort of excuse for my own shortcomings.
And don’t get mad either :slight_smile:

HHH–as a guess to your question, I’d say that a pro baseball player could put on as much mass as anyone given perfect training and nutrition. Perhaps more, considering professional athletes tend to carry genetic potential beyond that of average athletes. So many variables come into play, though–age, previous training experience, etc.

In Bonds’ case, I’d say his growth spurt is suspect because I would assume he’s been training with weights for years–that is, weight training wasn’t something new to professional athletes in, what, 1998 (?). Something major changed that off season, I’d say anabolics is a good guess.

Fowler–no one’s mad, that statement was just foreign to most of us. I think it’s reasonable to say that not many people actually put on more than 10 lbs or so per year, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.

I’m up about 17-18 pounds since the end of August, although most of it is regained muscle. My diet sucks too.

Can your friend in Norway also give us the universal diet that so many ppl seem in search of on this site. If we are all genetically perdisposed to only be able to gain ten LBS in one year, then we should all be able to eat exactly the same, train exactly the same, and all receive the same gains. I think this would be great. It would make our little T-community so much closer. We would be a happy little flock of sheep, with no need for individual, goals/differences/opinions.

ive put on 5lbs of muscle in 6 weeks of ovt.

Well, Phill, 5lbs pr. 95lbs is a maximum. Some will gain less of course. But I’m sure you understood that.
I may be wrong though. I admit that.

Hey Fowler I have a friend who studies this stuff in Alabama and he says you can grow 3 gonads if you inject the proper ratio of pure test. Ab belts work too. Although they hurt your third ball.

that’s cuz bonds used undetectable gear. don’t worry he will be striped of his HR title.

I sense a hint of sarcasm…

Just a hint, stay loose.