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Natural Mid/High Testosterone and High E2 Conversion - (3 Bloodworks)

hello guys, im 40 ,training since the 30. with many interruptions, never more than 5 consecutive months, always natural. But in the last 3 months I have been dedicated to maintaining a clean diet. always with high protein and many vegetables and carbs controlled.
2 months ago I started to feel symptoms such as feeling very sleepy during day, memory loss, extremely emotional, brain fog. and I began to research that fit all the symptoms of high estradiol. I took the tests that confirmed my suspicion.
I started using DIM, with calcium glucarate and resveratrol, lowered my estradiol, but also lowered my testosterone.so i stopped.
In the last two weeks I have been using Aromasin (exemestane) half pill EOD, but it seems that it has not given the expected result, at least in labs, cause i fell better now. Today I had the results of the last exam I did. I think I should increase the dose of aromasin to one pill per day.
Since my testosterone production is average to high, I believe I have a high conversion level to estradiol. I have 190cm, 100kg, 18 ~ 20% percent of fat. 3 months ago I had 27% and 104kg.
The improvement I felt after the use of aromasin was very noticeable, and I intend to continue until I lower even more the percentage of fat and stop to aromatize as much.and improve ratio T-E2.
I’ve already consulted three endocrinologists and urologists who simply sent me back home to continue suffering from all the symptoms. Im in Portugal.
obs: last exams i didn’t sleep very well the night before, so probably my testosterone could be a little more higher.
I would appreciate any tip and analysis of the exams, and opinions if my idea was the best option. thank you very much.

anyone have an idea what causing that high E2 ? even taken aromasin ?

What is your source for the aromasin?

from pharmacy, no prescription needed to buy in Portugal.

OK, I was wondering if it was underground/black market and therefore, maybe an expensive placebo. However, it seems as though you are feeling better:

So, why not just continue with your current program? Don’t focus on a number if you feel good.

hello highpull, i was wondering if that lvls of E2 could be harmful to my body, like prostate enlargement, difficulty to loose body fat (around the belly and chest), high blood pressure.
this symptoms , i start to fell when E2 starts to be dominant.

@systemlord , @physioLojik

any input would be appreciated. thnx

As long as your testosterone is high enough, and you do not have high E2 symptoms, you’re fine. Low test with high E2 is a problem. Estrogen is cardioprotective and good for your joints.

so i changed the from half EOD to one pill ED. felt no big difference, maybe a slightly increase in wellfare . the morning woods are more constant during the night. Like every time i woke up to turn, the bone its there ehaheeh.
anyway, im really worry about if E2 starts do dominate again, i fell like crap, destroyed . So lets see how it goes. so far so good.