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Natural Limits and Test Cycles



I've been reading this forum for many years before I joined. I'm 31 and been lifting for over 10 years.

My question is:

When someone has reached his natural limits in lifting, what can he expect from a Test E 500mg/week cycle over 10 weeks. In terms of strength gains!

My 1 RPM on the flat bench has been 150kg (~ 330lbs) for over a year now. Tried 5/3/1 methods, increasing kcal intake (and getting belly fat in the proces :frowning: ), you name it.

After all those years it seems my body has reached it's limits.

Right now I'm 3.5 weeks in a Test E cycle 500mg/week (2 x 250mg shots on Monday and Thursday, I take 0,25mg Arimidex ED because 0,50mg EOD made me a tad lethargic on those days, Nolva for PCT).

I know the test E will kick in around week 4-5 but although I feel some strength improvements on weaker body parts, my bench has remained the same (I do have more stamina for more sets though).

There must be a difference between a guy with 2-3 years of lifting experience who juices and someone like me with 10 years, or not?

Thanks for your opinions.



No one?


no one can tell you that. too many variables come into play.


How much do you weigh? I find it difficult to believe that you're at your natural limit benching 330.


I tend to agree with David M. It is not your natural limit, it's something wrong with your training. You should post your training schedule, and past training schedules over in one of the forums and see if anyone can spot something wrong.

That being said, you're over 30 so it's an ok time to step over to the dark side no matter how your bench is.


Yeah, who gives a fuck what his bench is, last time i checked it didn't say that you have to be able to bench a certain amount of weight to do seroids.

He's over 30, no problem to go on a cycle, the only advice i have is to get as lean as possible BEFORE starting steroids, the results will be better and the side effects like high blood pressure will be much lighter.


Thx for the replies.

I'm 31, lifting for over 10 years, weigh about 230lbs with current BF 14%.

Just to say I'm not a powerlifter at all! I have a 5 day split routine. My intensity is high, I don't slack and my diet is good.

The point is that my bench won't go up beyond the 330lbs. So I asked myself how much the Test E will do to increase that number.

It's not realistic that a human being can keep pushing more and more weight after all those years.

But yeah, I've waited long enough to taste the dark side. Let's hope it kicks in soon, cuz the agony of waiting for it is killing me :slight_smile:


When someone mentions their natural limits, the amount one can bench is entirely relevant.

Thanks for playing.


If you're worried about bench numbers hop on over to www.elitefts.com and check out Dave tates sytycb series( so you think you can bench). Its a 6 part video series that will probably have you putting 10 to 20 lbs or so from technique changes alone. Start there.




Also on 500mg test a week 0.25mg adex may well be adequate EOD.

Although you are not a body builder you are looking for a specific increase in a particular lift, there is nothing wrong with this though you may well need to explore powerlifting options, as one person has mentioned the Dave Tate article will help, as you may well need to work on technique and strengthening (specifically) your lats, upper back and triceps.

Do you have a PCT planned? Any gains will be worthless unless you have a proper PCT in place so you can retain as much as possible of them.

Good luck


lift numbers are just numbers people use to inflate the ego.
most of them are lied about anyways so who gives a shit.


I have a Nolva PCT 40/40/20/20 (4 weeks) planned.

There must be a difference in someone with just a few years of training experience, 22 years old and still having much potential left versus someone of 31, 10 years of training and nearly at his limits?

Right now, I'm in week 4 and thanks to the Adex I have zero bloat or acne. My balls are way smaller (but the PCT will fix that) and libido is higher. Weight gains at this point are slim, but I look a lot leaner at the midsection without losing mass on my arms and chest (and legs ofcourse :p)


Lifting stats measure one's progress over time, and show that progress is being made. Even if someone doesnt see it with their eyes or see it on the scale, if the lifts are going up thats what matters because muscle growth will come with heavier weights and time.

Some use it for ego, and alot lie. But your statement was more or less careless and incorrect imho.


ya ,well I stand by my careless statement.
heres why, everyone is different, if you can lift 290 in a certain lift who am I to say that you need to wait until you can lift more,who says you can just because someone else can do 350 for reps?


I agree, personaly Im sick and tired of the "elitist" bullshit. Strength increases are a great way to guage where someones progressing, thats my point. And true-no one can say when someone else is ready to cycle based off their shitty deadlift or whatever. That just means theres work to be done


and also something else to remember.

all aspects including diet and muscle stimulation needs to be in place or you will see nothing.
also,if you are on juice and you dont work hard enough you still will not get any results,
steroids do nothing on their own. it takes hard work and proper nutrition as well.
so by asking if theres a difference between someone that works out for 2 years on gear or someone working out 10 years without is hard to answer,too many variables
how hard has the old timer worked for 10 years, how hard has the 2 year old worked.
how do each one eats, someone that has geared up for 2 years may or may not be ahead of someone that has worked out for 10 years and vice versa, its how effective has each workouts been and less on drugs used.