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Natural Lifter - Two a Days?


I am looking at a job switch in a couple months that will allow me a ton of flexibility when working out. Would you advise doing 2 shorter (25-30 minute sessions) instead of one 35-45 minute session? If so, what would you do and how would you split it?

I’d like to practice some Oly lifts by doing those in the morning with legs plus the upper body part of Best Damn in the afternoon. Is that wise? Or too much volume?

I personally would not recommend it for a Natural UNLESS you are splittling up your heavy compound lifts first thing in the morning and then waiting at least 8 hours before returning to do a feeder session (Light pump work to pump blood and nutrients into the muscle). Feeder sessions can actually boost recovery if done right. Check out Thib’s Double Stimulation Training article. https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/double-stimulation-training

Correct… if a natural use 2-a-days to do more volume it wont work well. And in some cases it can be disastrous. But it can work very well if the SAME volume us divided in two sessions.

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