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Natural Lifter 3 Days a Week Workouts?

I’m 43 and a natural lifter and been doing 3 day a week workouts for a good 10 years. I do also jog/run 4 days a week and do my cardio after my workouts if I do cardio on my workout days.

My main goal is to maintain muscle and keep the fat off. Or lose fat if needed. I don’t eat as much protein as I should because… well… I just don’t feel like eating that much anymore. Did it for quite a while and frankly i’m just trying to be in good shape and some what strong in my older years :slight_smile:

Split for body parts is as follows

Monday - Chest+Biceps
Wed or thurs - Legs+shoulders
Saturday - back and triceps

Chest/Shoulders/Legs/Back I total 12 sets for each of those body parts
Biceps/triceps - I total 10 sets for each of these body parts

I change rep ranges every 6-8 weeks
Week 1-6 - med/high rep 12-15 reps per exercise
Week 7-12 - med rep ranges 8-10 per exercise
Week 13-18 - low rep ranges 6-8 per exercise

I’ve been following that most of the time. I also incorporated short rest intervals when doing higher rep ranges. 1 min between sets.

I’m just seeing if I’m doing this right at my age now or if I should change this up and get better results? I can’t go that heavy on squats or deadlifts anymore due to some knee problems but can do most everything else.

Looking for critique and any feedback on maybe a new workout to try or just a change in what i’m doing for reps/sets etc. I’m open.

Thank you everyone!

Just run through Paul’s workouts, they work. This you could do 3 days a week…

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@RampantBadger This is great! Exactly what I was hoping someone would suggest. Here I thought 3 days was going to get shunned :slight_smile:. I will def give this article a read and try it out. Thank you!

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