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Natural Hormonal Enhancement

Hey all I just read a book by Rob Faigin called Natural hormonal enhancement. What are your thoughts on this diet/excercise program? Has anyone read/tried this if so what have been your results. I did a search on the forum for this and nothing came up. I would like to get everyones take on this if possible. It sounds really good.

Read it over and over 3 times and I love it. Been on the programme for 14 weeks and I love it. On a cutting phase at the moment, less tham 25g of carbs for 1 week now and 2 weeks to go befor my vacation on the beach. Going well. JR.

I read it and have been on my third week of the diet. So far I’ve lost fat around my waist (unfortunately I have not weighed myself pre and post). During the first week of virtually no carb my strength plummetted. But for the last two weeks my strength is back up to where it was before, along with the weight loss. Since I’ve been doing it for only three weeks which is not very long for a diet I don’t want to make any grand pronouncements but so far it seems to be working. I would also be curious what any of the T-Mag writers think of this diet.

John or Paul either of you guys have a quick and dirty on this book. There is so damn much information it is really hard to glean out of it what to do any ideas?

The book is fantastic, and yes, there is a hell of a lot of information in it. It would have been nice though to have some sample menu’s for a better idea of what exactly to have. I know Beverly International uses the same basic plan for most of their precontest diets, so you should go to there site to get an idea of what to eat. The diet is basically High Protein/Low Carbs/Moderate Fat with 1 or 2 carb load meals every 3rd and 4th day. It’s also the same diet from Jay Robb’s “Fat Burning Diet” another excellent book although not as in depth as NHE. I just started the diet so i’ll keep posted how my results are.

Where can you purchase this book?I couldn’t find it on Amazon.

extique.com is the website you can purchase it at.

I too have this book and follow a few of his principles. The low carb diet let me lose 15 lbs, yet keep my muscle. I go so strong by the 2nd,3rd week, that for 6 workouts in a row, I set at least 1 record in my lifts. I’m a bodybuilder for life, not a power lifter. I followed his advice on consuming no or low carbs before, during, and after my workous, and I think that helped, as Rob stated that carbs before and right after workouts restrain growth hormone release. I had to back off my records because I regularly have o.t. and miss workouts, and I’d rather be safe than sorry! All in all, my wife, who doesn’t work out, and I will stay on this program, heck any time we want more carbs, go ahead! We just don’t want to after being weaned off of the incredible amounts we were probably scarfing down, without even knowing it. Long distance runners and other high endurance athletes shouldn’t go as low as we do, but again, I think most people eat more carbs than they realize!