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Natural Hormonal Enhancement

Have just read NATURAL HORMONAL ENHANCEMENT and found it very interesting ,howerver afew areas concern me re:low carbs and moderate fats…Has anyone practiced the NHE diet and if so with what results.My primary concern for fat lose.

I’ve been following this “diet” since Apr 01. I don’t follow it strictly like he advocates (but also I don’t have a problem with it, I’m just going with my instincts), and since I started it, the next day I felt a difference, and the heartburn I’d had for years stopped on day 2, and I haven’t had any since! I lost about 2 lbs a week, until I lost 15 lbs total. I still worked out, and really got stronger, and set 6 records in a row, in 6 workouts in a row! I’ve since backed off going for records, sometimes I have to miss workouts because of my job, etc. I’ve kept the 15 lbs off, lost no muscle, but lost some of my gut, and lost my lower back fat; and my energy levels haven’t dropped. I still follow it, but again, not to the letter. My wife also lost 10 lbs even without working out at all! Once you start counting carbs, you’ll be amazed at how many we eat every day! Use low carb protein/mrp mixes~~I use low carb Biotest Grow, and like everyone says, it is one of the few that tastes great!! Sometimes I mix it with olive oil, flaxseed oil, and ice and it doesn’t take away from the taste, and I get the essential fats, etc. Atkins is too strict, and I think it’s a great nutritional plan!!

Mind outlining the plan?

That book is full of good information. The only thing i don’t like is Fagin’s recommendation of fat+protein postworkout. It’s the only section in the book that doesn’t have references.

Pluto the diet is basicly max 30gm carb per day with carb loading on 3/4 day cyl.high protien and moderate fats…A lot more too it but that it in a nutshell.