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Natural Hormonal Enhacement and Don Lemmon

Hey Guys,
Has anyone read or tried the Natural Hormonal Enhancement plan by Rob Faigin, or Nutrition for Dummies Plan by Don Lemmon? What do you think and / or what have your results been?

I got suckered into the book. I don’t remember how much I paid for it but it definately wasn’t worth it. I tried doing his diet plan but it was really a huge pain in the ass. I was on his plan for a short time and really saw ZERO results! I guess that I’m a zero carb dieter, this has always worked for me with great results. The thing that pisses me off about don lemmon and his site is that he does not back anything up that he says. He claims this is the way to eat bla bla bla, my actor friend tiger (never heard of this guy but he is in low low low budget martial arts films) eats this way ( he looks like shit) and so do all these girls etc. He also says that he is ripped and rarely works out but you never see any pictures of him. I believe he says he used his “plan” and got up to 270 ripped and drug free or some such shit. My advice is to hold off on his (spiral bound) book until TC or Tim checks this dude out. There’s just something funny about him. I asked the t-mag folks to check out his HGH stuff and offered to send them the book. The good thing about don lemmon is that if you E-mail him he will email you back, although his answers are very short at least he responds. I am just finishing up my biochemistry degree so I do have a decent scientific background and I have yet to find ANYTHING about his food separation claims.

I’ve read Faigin’s book and enjoyed it greatly (I’ve also read the Anabolic Diet, BodyOpus and Lyle McDonald’s).

All of them are very close. Faigin seems to go into more research as to why he feels low-carb diets work (don’t know if the research is correct, haven’t checked it) and how to use them to enhance hormones.

For me I found it easier just to carb on the weekend, instead of one meal (or two) twice a week, as his diet suggests. But I did lose fat and very little muscle while following his approach.