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Natural glute raise

Thanks Chris

What’s the bottom of the sole like, rubber?
The problem I have with the Adidas Ironworks is that the back of heel is wearing out even though all I do in em is squats and Oly lifts

see pic - after only 3 weeks!!

www.members.optushome.com.au/ coolcolj/Photos/CCJ_Ironwork_Wornout.JPG

SO I’m wondering if this will be a problem with the shoes you have?

Boss 14, this is a new exercise for you. You can perform it this way: Kneel on a pad or folded towel and hook your feet under something sturdy and padded. Or you can have someone hold your ankles for you. Rotate your pelvis posteriorly (Shorten the distance between your pubic bone and sternum.) by tightening the glutes and abs. You may draw your belly button in towards your spine if this makes it easier to rotate. Your lumber spine should be flat or even slightly rounded. Not arched! Put your arms out like you are doing a pushup. Keep your head over your shoulders and look at the floor 7-8 feet out in front of you. Keeping everything tight, slowly start to lower yourself to the floor. Have someone watch you or look in a mirror sideways. You may get to a point where your technique changes. At this point, if possible change direction and go back to the start. Most people have problems on the concentric phase. If this is your case, only perform the eccentric part until your strength improves. Your body should be tight. A straight line from shoulders to hips. One unit working together. Only the knee joint moves. Neck, lumbar spine and hip joint all held isometrically. Work within the range of motion where you have good technique. This exercise like others will do you no good if you execute it by cheating or calling on other muscle groups to finish the range. The last rep should look like the first rep. You may have to place a bench in front of you to catch yourself and push yourself back to the starting position. As you get stronger you can move to a small box or aerobic steps. You don’t have to perform a full range movement in order to recieve the benefits of this terrific exercise. If available you can perform this exercise on a glute/ham bench, two benches of the same height placed side-by-side, a wide bench or a traditional high pulley machine by turning the seat sideways if possible, kneeling on the seat with your back to the weight stack and your ankles under the knee pads. This is an excellent way you can also use the cable with a rope attachment for a counter balance if your hamstring strength is not sufficient. Or in a squat rack with an elastic band. The glute/ham bench will also bring in the calfs as well if done properly. The glute/ham bench can also be modified by the placement of the knees on the pad thus making the exercise easier of harder. Hope this helps. Write back for more info.

I am very pleased as i tried this exercise todayfor the first time, and did 8 sets of 8 reps with one minute rest in between. How to progress on resistance? hold your hands out in front then a rucksack with a plate in?

Has anyone successfully completed postive reps? If so, I’d be interested in Bodyweight and relevant lift (squat/dead) numbers, if you don’t mind.

- Ike

No you didn’t.

Thanks Christian and I have to agree with you, those stiff deads can REALLY wear out your pulling muscles, I know sometimes it’s been a challenge to try and schedule in other pulls around the stiff dead because it really hits the upper back and lats HARD.

You look really solid in your pics, by the way.


I’ve done 2 singles. Weight 177, squat currently 380?? Sumo dead 420, cov dead 385.

Partner 5-6 reps, last 1-2 reps not perfect straightness, squat 405 x2, SUMO dead 450ish, dead 405

These numbers are about a year old, havent tested maxes since then.

Both of us have wide hips and huge legs and glutes, with relativly smaller upper bodies. Not that we have Tom Platz legs, but picture that body structure.

Damn, that’s interesting. My best dead was 405 @ 167lb BW, and I was nowhere close to doing a concentric rep.

That is the best description of how to perform an exercise I’ve ever read.

Hold a plate or dumbbell across the chest or a barbell across the shoulders.

Stronski, I think RedDragon is just joking. There is no way he did 8 full no assistance reps natural glute ham raises the first time he did the exercise. That kind of strength 1) requires good genetics, 2) years of doing GH raises, and 3) determination and desire. He might have the first and last, but we know he doesn’t have the second.

Once you can do reps try what archuletta does, starting at the bottom. I can’t yet do this but i can get 3 - 4inches up… My partner (we are the ones above) has done from floor and from upright with 10lbs added held cross arms over chest. The ones from the floor are tough. And if you do to espn and see arch. doing them with a 25 AND FAST its scary!

Machine, you may be correct. Eight sets of eight with a 60 sec RI right out of the chute is pretty amazing. Especially since there is a little bit of learning involved in the movement. Red Dragon what is your athletic background? How much time have you spent in the weightroom? Were these “text book” perfect, full range movements?

Archuletta is amazing, isn’t he? Probably why me and my friends have renamed this exercise “Archulettas”. I remember seeing that the first time and freaking out…

Archuletta is my favorite player by far. IMHO he’s the best athlete in the NFL (I’d put Tim Dwight in there too) andyes, I know that it’s a big statement.

archutella over boston eh?

Yes, over David Boston. But there are so many great athletes in the NFL that it’s dangerous to say that “X” is the best athlete. Boston is certainly bigger and more muscular, but I really do feel that Adam Archuletta is in his own class.

I saw it the first time and thought i can do that. I dropped to the floor, my brother grabbed my ankles, and i lowered my self about six inches before i crashed into the ground. It was pretty exciting, and I decided then that i would eventually do this. After 6-8 months i got my first one.