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Natural Glute Ham Raise

Ive been performing this lift w/ my feet under a bolted bench at the gym, its a fairly small space so i can’t flex my feet, i assume this is why i primarily feel this lift in the calves. Ive been doing one day of negatives and two days where i extend my arms on a swiss ball slowly falling and lifting myself w/ assistance from the hams and arms/abs. How long did it take you guys to do one full rep?any tips appreciated.

If you can attach a band behind you and do full assisted reps working on breaking rep prs or changing the band with a lighter one over time it would probably help you get there

It took me like 8 weeks of assisted NGHR until I could do one. I gave the minimal amount of assistance I needed, and worked on increasing the amount of quality reps I could do (so not glorified pushups) and trying hard on the eccentric.

FYI they are called russian hamstring curls

you need to keep your feet neutral like if you are walking so that your calves dont cramp up

i watched a Westside BB video, where Simmons said that one of his athletes managed to do a full set of those without any assistance after 8 weeks