Natural GHRs, assisted with bands ?

I just started doing nGHRs, or rather trying to since Im obviously to weak to do complete reps…so I considered getting resistance bands for assistance, attaching one behind me and looping around my chest…

Has anyone tried this ?? And which type of band would you recommend, - I weigh in at 265-270 lbs and can probably manage ~3x4 half reps at the moment…

Find something to land your hands on. out some aerobic steps in front of you so you could push off of. How are you doing them?

Feet hooked under lower pad of a leg extension machine, knees on a thick folded towel…I already do the catch/push off on the floor, but was wondering if I couldnt at least extend the range of motion (before I “fall to the ground”) by using bands…

I suggested this to Mel Siff a while back, and he thought it was cool :slight_smile:

So yeah go ahead, I would say a green band would be a good starting point

CoolColJ, sounds good to me, - I will give it a try and report back.

You could also use the lat pull station. Use a rope attachment.

It is good to have a spotter in case you get stuck.

Good idea…however the seat is pretty narrow, and Im a big guy…

I started with lights and worked down to minis.

ryno, - how tall/heavy are you ? Im 6’5’'/265-270 lbs, can do 225+ lbs romanian deads for reps, - do you think I should go for a light or an average band ?

I would get both :slight_smile:

lights aren’t that strong, when you think that pair will add 100lbs when stretched to about 6feet.
150 or so for Greens

so a single green band will only deload 75lbs or so when stretched to 6 feet if that

I was kinda thinking someone would say that…:slight_smile: OK, time to count my money…

get one mini, monster mini, light and average - sorted :slight_smile:

once you get through that lot you can do bodyweight, but you need the bands to warmup to etc :stuck_out_tongue:

wouldnt the mini-bands be too short for this kind of thing…??

I’m 6’2, and at the time, about 225-230. As far as RDL’s, I’ve gone as high as 405x3.

I tried greens as well… I’ve done 50 reps, and also single leg for 10 reps. But I was having elbow problems at the time, and holding the green bands like that really made them flare up.

Oh, and yeah… I’d get both… You may be better off starting w/ an average.

we have that problem as well, but I am going to start bringing a padded board wih me.

I think that I am going to have to buy a little red wagon to cart all our shit into the gym.

ko, why not incorporate it into your GPP: Drag it in on a sled…:slight_smile: This is one of the reasons Im looking for a real gym to train in, and not a “fitness center”…I might not have to carry that much stuff with me all the time…

miniband is the same length as the otehrs