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Natural GHR


how many people on here can do a natural glute ham raise. ive been doing them now for 3 months with weight assistance and still havent done one but im very very close i can do 1 with 2 plates assisting me. these are pully plates weighing 5kg each.

noone in my gym can come close to one they usuualy use 5 to 10 plates assistance.


Plate assistance? I assume you mean you are placing the plates so that your chest touches them when you are coming down, thus shortening the ROM?

Personally I've never felt...umm...comfortable enough to ask any of my lifting partner's to hold down my ankles. Maybe I'm just old fashioned that way.


Or insecure.

But you know, old fashioned, sure, whatever.

On a related note, I too would like to know what you mean by plate assistance. The only machine GHR I've seen has you placing your hands and chest on a steady support, then lifting up a platform with your feet, whereas a natural GHR is reversed (feet secured, body moves up).


I think he's using the lat pulldown machine and putting his feet into the same supports. You can use the pulley to aid you on your way back up.

It's the best you can do w/o an ACTUAL ghr


i use the cable cross over machine and there is a space at the bottom to put ur feet. then i grab the pulley from above using the rope handles to hold it at my shoulders and the weight pulls me back up.


I have a 2 high school athletes that can get pretty much do it with some slight body english. I have seen a college football player go down, touch his chest and then come back up on his own, but that's rare. Most people really struggle with these (me included).


I can do a negative with good form! That's about as close as it gets.

I've always felt like a wimp not being able to do them, but from people's comments I take it that it's much harder than on a GHR frame.

At the gym I manage one of the members, a long distance runner who'd only been lifting weights a couple of months did one full rep. I was well pissed off!


lol thats madness i say we all set ourselves a chalenge to do one b4 xmas lol.


The long distance runner prob has and advantage in that he had absolutly no upperbody mass to lift. But none the less im in for the challenge,


That sounds like a very productive challenge to me! Don't expect me to post a vid though, I'm pretty much computer illiterate.

Roll on Christmas.

PS. Does anyone know of a way of improving my chances of doing one rep?


Yeah, but at the time he had no lower body mass either!

I know he reads this so I hope he doesn't take it the wrong way. He has come a long way since then. I like to think his gains were all down to my advice, that incidentally, I plaigarised of this site!