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Natural GH Production


Question -

Read in an article somewhere that if you do a GH "cycle" so to speak and are on a very high dose for several months, your body will lower the amount of natural GH it produces, much like steroids cause your natural test production to drop off. I scanned several pages deep into these boards and couldn't find any info relating, but sorry if this is a repeat question.


I’m not sure, but your body is in a constant battle to create a balanced environment.

There are a lot of hormones and neurotransmitters in the body that react in a similar way…i.e. dopamine production when someone does a certain drug, then the next time your body has adapted slightly therefore you’ll need more of the drug to get an equivalent “high”…so your body adjusts to the outside agent

My point is its probably true but you can’t say for sure unless someone has actually done a study using a controlled environment with controlled subjects measuring GH production and so on…so your best bet is to go and see if anyone has done such a study

I haven’t seen one, but I haven’t been keeping up with stuff as much as I used to. Start googeling GH, and see if you can find a reputable study, preferrably one done at a university


Check out this thread and the one referred to in the first post. A bunch of the guys are running a HGH protocol that incorporates new techniques for best duplicating what the body does itself during adolescence. One of the central strategies is to dose only every few days so as to mimic the way the body produces GH in periodic bursts.


I am pretty sure that Natty GH suppression using regular, stable level, prolonged use has been covered and is indeed fact.

This is the main reason protocols differ between 4iu x7 days a week and 10iu x3 days/wk/.
The dosage is the same, but the latter examplke gives a more pulsatile injection pattern.

The largest natural GH pulses are when someone falls into REM sleep usually, so dosing in the morning/early afternoon is recommended so as to avoid large levels still being in the system when you gop to sleep - thus hopefully avoiding negative feedback.

IIRC - i believe the negative feedback loop is triggered by the exogenous GH levels affecting the levels of GHRH, and thus the secretion of natural GH - as i said, if i remember correctly that is.

There are alot of articles online that give you the answers and it is obviuosly just laziness that brings you to post. Which is the exact reason why i am not checking the information above to confirm and elaborate - being a drug i can’t afford to use and thus have not read up on in detail.