Natural Flavor Grow! Whey

I’m thinking of trying it out. I looked at the labels but they didn’t really answer my question.

Is there NO sweetening at all?

Less natural and artificial flavours? Less sweetener?

Or same amount but just different taste?

To me, it tastes kind of like plain skim milk, but a bit wierder. I don’t mind it, especially if it is very cold. You can also flavor it yourself with stuff like cocoa powder and splenda. I’ve used it to make some of Dr. Berardi’s homemade protien bars, and it works really well for that purpose too.

Can somebody else help me with my question? Admin maybe? I’d like to get this answered before I decide what flavour.

I’m glad they brought it back and I got two containers today. Its like a ‘sweet’ milk, just sucralose with protein I think, although I’d have to check the label, but I like it.

Its cheap enough to try a bottle, but think like sweet cream, but not overpoweringly sweet.

I used to eat half a scoop with greek yogurt and blueberries which was good and blending it w/ spinach and almonds tasted and looked like pistacchio pudding.

I mix it with whole milk and it doesn’t taste like anything. It’s pretty much just like drinking thicker milk.

I liked the old natural flavour better in the 5lb tubs. This stuff seems to have a bitter after-taste.