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Natural Fat Burner?


I am 31, and used to be a big fan of HOT-ROX. I would cycle between
that and Lipo 6, but preferred HOT-ROX as it wouldn't make me
as moody, and worked better for me as far as curbing my appetite.
Recently I went off of it for a bout a year, and tried it again,
and felt like I was having a heart attack. The doctor said my body
went into shock from being used to high levels of caffiene for so
long, and then off for so long. I haven't taken anything since other
than glutamine and protein power and flax seed oil. I don't have
anywhere near the same results, and train just as hard and have a clean
diet. I am a Personal Trainer so keep very healthy and active.

I was wondering if anyone could reccommend a supplement, or viatmin
that might give similar results as HOT-ROX minus the side effects.
Any feedback would be appreciated.


There is no such supplement/vitamin.
Consider Flameout.

As far as fat burners go, HOT-ROX or ECA are the way to go. Start with one cap a day with a meal if you are sensitive to stimulants.


switching from Flax oil to Fish oil will probably make a little difference. Flax oil has some Omega3's in it but they are in ALA form, whereas Fish Oil has them in the DHA/EPA form that is what your body uses. Your body can convert ALA into the DHA/EPA forms but it isn't that good at it. Adding some quality Fish Oil to your diet would be my suggestion.


I heard about this awesome fat burner the other day. What was the name of it... Oh yeah - CaloricReductionCombinedWithExerciseYouDummy Hardcore.


"Calorie Drop" mixed with "Activity-Max" helps a LOT in shedding fat...I think you should try it..


Im not sure how natural it is. But i heard heroin works pretty well, The concentrated stuff. you don't even need to wash it down with water as well.

Don't go for the cheap stuff like marijuana. That will mess you up big time. I know. I know. It helped Phelps, Arnie and all those big guys. but are you that big?


yeah whatever buddy, just tell me the $ecret$ damnit!


I asked for this in GNC, the guy behind the counter never heard of it. Where can I purchase this?


Flax has other benefits.


Good eating habits. When you stop losing or leaning out then start dieting.


I heard that stuff is quite rare, it's very hard to find it nowadays.


I have some, and am selling it on eBay. PayPal payments up front please, once payment is cleared, I'll ship the product!

Happy bidding! ;-D



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