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Natural Factors Fish Oil?


I am a long-time user of the expensive ZONE LABS/SEARS LABS OmegaRx fish oil and am considering a switch due to the fact that there are significantly better values out there. I must specify, though, am looking for a high-quality product that I can take in large doses (8-12 grams of long-chain EFAs per day). I am not interested in Costco shit.

I have considered CARLSON'S brand fish oil, but am turned off by the fact that it is not very concerntrated: only about 35% long-chain EFAs. Not very good.

Another option is NATURAL FACTORS RxOmega-3. This is about as concentrated as the Sears Labs product, and is less than half the cost per gram of EFAs. However, it is not listed on the International Fish Oil Standards website, so I cannot be assured of its purity and concentration. I don't know how they could let the stuff go for so little if it was really comparable to the ZONE LABS fish oil. It may be poorly refined.

Has anyone else used this product?


I have just started taking fish oil so I don't know if I have enough info and experience with fish oil. I know you didn't want Costco brand but at my Costco they do sell the NATURAL FACTORS fish oil and it's the brand that I take. I have been on it for about a month and I can tell a difference.


NATURAL FACTORS is Michael Murray, N.D. (google him for his site) so the odds are very high it's quality stuff.

Actually he might make a good interview for this place. Kinda like a better referenced, less lunatic mercola.


I've been using the RxOmega for a couple years at least and have recently increased my dosage to 15-20 caps a day because of some chronic pain/inflammation. I like it just fine and plan to switch to the liquid to save some $


Sorry, I'm not familiar with Dr. Michael Murray. However, when I first saw the product, I was annoyed by his endorsement because I feel that he is more or less ripping off Barry Sears' stuff (Sears started the whole "pharmaceutical-grade" fish oil thing with his book three years ago). If he is anyhting like Mercola then I honestly wouldn't want to put money in his pocket.