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Natural Estro Blockers and OTC HCG


I just started on the gel, my GP is open to helping me but he really has no idea what all is involved. i live in a small town and money is also a hinderance at this time as far as seeing someone more qualified to treat me, i may have to go it alone for a while any way. Does DIM and or chrysin help effectively with estro and does any OTC hcg work. I will need some kind of natural approach until something changes are there any otc bodybiulding supps that work with estro control, heard good things about Gaspari's novedex xt.


OTC hCG? Cannot work as an oral, gets digested.

Have you read the stickies?


I assume your doctor is going to retest you in a couple of months. If not, you should request a retest. Read the lab work sticky and try to get him to test you for what is outlined there. You should be tested for total T and E2 at a minimum. If your E2 levels come back high, you will need a real AI such as Arimidex, not an OTC supp, as they are not very effective. Read the sticky for estradiol. You will need to educate your doc. I would leave things alone for now until your retest. Some guys do just fine on gel without the need for an AI.


OTC hcg is sublingual.


Thanks pc, what about OTC hcg?


Peptides are huge molecules that do not cross skin or other such membranes. Stop the wishful thinking. All the products that you find of this nature are simply designed to deceive and take your money. If those products did work, they would be illegal. Ditto for oral and nasal hGH.


Does that apply to DIM, KSman?


Sublingual formulas of hcg do work at about twice the dosage. But not the homeopathic stuff must come in powder that is mixed and refrigerated. That is an option for those like me with a Dr that doesnt understand the need for hcg. 6-oxo is a good OTC estro blocker as well.


Prove it.