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Natural Energy Boost?

I am currently eating a pretty well-balanced diet, with plenty of complex carbs, protein, and good fats. I also get 8+ hours of sleep each night and follow a normal sleep schedule.

However, I am still finding myself lacking in energy during the day, especially after work.

What would be some good, natural ways to increase my energy during the day?

I have thought about adding some simple sugars or caffeine, but those wouldn’t be good for me, right?

Thanks for the help

caffeien in moderation is OK IMO and simple sugar post w/o are optimal but will actually leave you more than likely crashing instead of an energy boost needing some good complex carbs. Dont turn to sugar for nthe energy you’ll be fighting a losing battle of HIGH, crash, HIGH, crash.

Get rest and eat right. Try Power Drive for some long term smooth energy without caffeine or sugar.

oh and make sure your getting enough of those good fats. Saturated included dont short yourself on ANY of the fats. Many ppl do so on the sats and that can zap the energy, lower homoral production etc…

Eat a greater percentage of your daily caloric intake earlier in the day.

i also have the same problem. i tried Spike, but it unfortunately has the opposite effect on me… i feel almost sick when i take it and get depressed. none of my other friends experinced that. so i drink energy drinks. i hate to do so but its the only thing that gives me energy when i need it. this isnt too healthy is it?