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Have you ever tried Japanese knotweed? Its a pretty powerful aromatize inhibitor that is from a naturally occuring plant compound. I used it to treat my lyme disease before in doses up to 3 grams a day. You can purchase the powder in bulk very cheaply through amazon as well. Also lots of health benefits with it, especially combined with Cats claw.

Man I would have thought in Thailand you could buy heroin without a script. You can’t get your hands on a real AI like anastrozole? Have you tried?
Before I got a real AI script I tried all the over the counter AIs. None of them worked. OK if you had a E2 of 37 and wanted to get it to 35 you could eat veggies every meal until you were sick of them and maybe you’d test out 2 points lower. IMO its a waste of time. Take an AI or drop your dose it is that simple. Living with high E2 in time you will end up in trouble.

He got Clomid, he can get anastrozole. Sometimes it’s just a matter of knowing which pharmacy to go to. Different ones carry different things. Across the street I can only get Enanthate. Over by the grocery store they have Cypionate and Sustanon. You have to explore a little in under-developed countries.

Do the AI’s not have terrible sides?

I’m not totally against an AI I’m just terrified of them. Which is best?

That depends on the individual. Mostly you need to be careful about the dose. If you need to use it, start very small, like 1/4 pill if it’s anastrozole. Maybe twice a week

I’m going to leave the herd here and recommend a SERM (selective estrogen receptor modulator). Nolvadex is the brand name, tamoxifen is the drug. E2 has lots of benefits and what you need to do is prevent the negative while enjoying the positive. Nolvadex will do that by blocking the E2 receptors in the breast tissue.

Besides your lab numbers, do you have any side effects from E2?

Read this thread posted by a practicing TRT endocrinologist who is also a competitive bodybuilder.

Strangely I had a good friend mention nolvadex today

I keep hearing about this nolvadex can someone get me hip to the pros and cons about it. Last thing I heard was there was not enough studies done for it to be used safely but I don’t know so if someone could give me some knowledge about it. Because clomid raised my TT to about 1000 but about 4 months later for some odd reason my TT started to drop plus me E2 was out of control while on it

Nolvadex only blocking the E2 receptors in the breast tissue. Reducing your chances of gyno from running a high E2 for long periods of time. Nothing else.
It will not help with the following high E2 symptoms; water weight gain, ED if high E2 triggers ED for you. It does for me and many others. Increased moodiness and sensitivity to sad events, Oily skin, acne of the face and backne. Serum hormone levels in men with severe acne - PubMed

I love a high E2 when blasting but I give up my sex life when I do. I believe it helps protect my joints from injury from the increased gym workload. I have not seen or felt any other positives to running a high E2. When my E2 goes over 35 I lose my abs every time at 40 I lose the ability to keep an errection. IF I keep my E2 in the mid to high 20’s I have abs and my dick starts working again.

This was a post I wrote last summer. E2 was at 67 and I felt great

I appreciate this but my dick isn’t working.

I’m going hunting for Nolvadex tomorrow.

Since starting trt my dick has died. At no point did I experience higher libido or any libido. So depressing.

We have another Dr. on the forum but he posts infrequently. Maybe he will respond. @dreric, are you available to reply to the OP?

Thanks man
Yea I kind if feel the same way. Honestly if I didn’t have to take anything to control it I would prefer not too but I have done countless about of blood work plenty of times and one thing that changes the most when things feel off is my E2

Taking one or two doses of anastrozole won’t kill you or result in the genocide of innocent puppies or anything. But it could inform you. Everything has a lt of possible bad sides. Tylenol can destroy your liver.

how can I see the whole thread?

which one? mine or physioLojiks?

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Also there is a member on here I forgot his name but he is real big about using HCG and how it has so many good things to offer. But he also stated that If you do HCG ED it is useless and that is should only really needed to be used 2wice a week 3 times max. But when I talked to me doctor about a week ago he said its better daily because you will not get that fluctuation in your levels because HCG also boost your T levels as well along with your E2
So which one is better ?

I can only get hold of clomiphene 50mg, gse 300mg, resveratrol 100mg, zinc 50mg.

I really don’t want to touch clomiphene.