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Natural Detox Tips?


I quite fancy doing a detox and wondering if anyone had any good natural detox remedy's.

thanks neil.


Lots of green, fiberous veggies will do wonders.

Quality detox foods: Asparagus, spinach, broccoli, kale, cucumbers, lemon water, alkaline water, green tea, ginger, prunes, mint, cranberry juice.


One 24-36 hour fast per week and four 7-10 day fasts per year are suppose to do wonders for cleansing.

Psyllium Husks - Clean the pipes


Cheers, I eat loads of veg take green tea and lemon water. Never thought of a 24h fast must give it a go. Suppose it'll be good to let my digestive tract time to work as I'm always cramming in food.

Thanks neil


I still can't really understand the whole concept of 'detoxification'.

Mind you, additional vegetables (like those mentioned by Ripsaw3689) are great and the benefits of short term controlled fasting are well established within the scientific community.

But what 'toxins' exactly are you trying to get rid of by eating more green leafy vegetables or fasting a day or two?


In my opinion the body produces byproducts during normal operation. The body also has it's own pathways to clear those byproducts. Lets say then that during my 30 birthday over the course of several hours I drank a decent amount of bourbon and to cap it off I smoked a cigar. During those hours my body had to stop getting rid of byproducts as it normally would and deal with the alcohol and nicotine. Add this event up with the other special occasions over the course of a year and I believe it is easy to think the body can get bogged down with "toxins."

Fasting has always made sense to me in that your body will clear out the old cobwebs when you give it time to rest.


Apple cider vinegar is one of the simplest most basic forms of daily detox I can think of.


I gotta chime in here. While it's possible science may be proven wrong, it's really hard to find any justification for cleansing or detoxifying.

It just doesn't hold water, science-wise.

But like I said, it's possible science may be proven wrong some day. I doubt it, but maybe.



TC, do you think detoxing can have aesthetic effects such as reducing inflammation and water retention, thus giving a leaner look after detox?


Can you elaborate a little more and also on any other beneficial aspects of it. I'm asking because every so often I get on the Braggs kick to help with digestion but notice that it might improve insulin sensitivity because I feel more pumped and vascular.I also feel a little more energetic but not sure if it it's from the lower carb diet I always wind up doing at the same time or form the vinegar itself.


I think cleansing would, by definition, cause you lose a lot of glycogen and along with it, a lot of water, which in itself might make you look less puffy. So sure, you'd probably look leaner.

As far as reducing inflammation, I'm not sure. If, by cleansing, you were eliminating some inflammatory foods or habits that were part of your lifestyle, then sure it would reduce inflammation. However, I suspect that cleansing itself might be inflammatory.


I agree with you, besides the fact that the body goes into storage mode after long hours without food. It has almost the reverse effect that people think it does. From what I've noticed it's just that people feel like they are making up for the bad they've done.


Do you have a source for this info? Just curious, wanted to find out more.


Fasting or psyllium husks?

If you were talking about fasting there are entire books dedicated to the subject.


NOTHING makes me take huge "detoxing" craps like psylium Husk POWDER. ground flax and chia are great, but still dont compare.


Sorry, should have clarified, but I was talking about the fasting. Any particular source of information you recommend?


well I do like a good dink at the weekend being irish would explain that, so id like to detox every week or 2 help the liver kidneys etc.

I never thought of "fasting" ast a detox, from my days of fighting I regularly did a 48 hour fast to make weight etc but I suppose a 24 hour fast would be beneficial for my digestive system.


For me, nothing poops better than oatmeal and steamed broccoli. Not mixed together, but in the same meal, I could literally re-mason the decrepit Coliseum.


I realize that I'm a newb and please know that I'm not attacking your statement, just wanted to throw this out there. My experience it not backed with any data or anything of the such in order to elaborate or prove how it works but here it is. My kid was born in central America while I was in the military. Her shot records reflected a tremendous amount of injections do to the country's standards being far from ours.

People there are forced into way more shots that US citizens are. Once we moved to the US those injections/toxins started to take a toll on her. She would not eat, she was pale, and just not herself. Our holistic doc detoxed and cleansed multiple organs, including her intestines and within six months her color came back and she ate like a kid again.

I personally had parasites in my wrist which would to a traditional doc be diagnosed as carpal tunnel. The holistic doc fixed my wrist and those symptoms have been gone for several years now. Anywho,..just my .02cents.


I'd ask John Meadows... knows a ton about liver health( http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/liver_let_die ) and would probably have some good suggestions