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Natural Deodorants


I've got a friend looking for a natural deodorant. Come to think of it, I'm gonna need some more soon so I could use the suggestion as well.

Anyone here have a natural deodorant they find actually works? I've always used a "regular" brand but I wouldn't mind making the switch.

If you have a suggestion, would you also post where you buy it?


I've heard of Magnesium Oil being used as a deodorant. Not tried it myself.


"Tom's of Maine"


You can order online or find in supermarket/pharmacy if they carry it.


ffs man please tell me this is some sort of parody thread the point of which I am missing...natural deodorant? Where do I buy it?!?! Christ...you're giving 05'ers a bad name brother.


ive never found one to work, i had a hippy female freind that used a 'crystal' something or other, and that didnt work, then she read that the reason sweat smells is because of the toxins in your body, once you sweat them out your armpits will stop smelling (works for the middle easterners right?) and that didnt work at all. so no, they dont work.




I call shenanigans


Coconut oil.


Man Milk applied straight from the source.


just shit your pants, then no one will care about your funky armpits.


That depends on how rank his pits are. I've had the misfortune of meeting individuals with B.O so bad that I've considered shitting my own pants just to give my nostrils a reprieve.


I had bad sores from excess sweating, due to medical reasons. One of my Doctors suggested PitRok, nothing amazing but did the same job as any other deodrant without making the sores worse.


I use the crystal deodorant from the health food store. The cause of body odor is the bacteria which live on the skin; the crystal deodorant is anti-bacterial.

I find it works very well for me, if I keep my armpit hair trimmed; if the armpit hair is too wild and busy, it provides too much surface area for bacteria to grow on.

I hate the smell of standard deodorants, which is why I use the crystal stuff.


Pretty much ditto this post for me, except I have to trim my armpit hair because the damn crystal twizzles me hairs into painful knots. A trick to improving the performance of the crystals is to get the spray version as well. I spray on the spray instead of wetting my pits with water, then I rub in the crystal.

Word of warning: don't drop the crystal, it will explode into about 90 trillion bizillion pieces. I've dropped two so far.


Make sure you're washing your pits like nuts, otherwise you're dicking yourself up. Large lymph nodes use the area so make your life better by cleaning up what they put out. I steer clear of antiperspirants because I'd call it a bad idea to block the largest detox organ in the body, but what do I know.

On the issue of natty DO's, Tom's of Maine for skizz if you're into that. I just use basic RightGuard deoderant sand the anti... works wonders, girlfriend once wrote me a note about how I "always smell good."


Tom's had me smelling like a wild boar by mid day. I switched to the deodorant crystal and it works like a charm.


Greenpeople do a range of natural products. Their roll-on works extremely well and is made without pore-clogging Aluminium, Parabens, ethyl alcohol and artificial fragrances.

I tried one of those salt crystals and I thought it was shit! I went straight back to the regular antiperspirants thinking these 'natural' products were worthless but I decided to give them another go and bought a greenpeople product and it worked great!


Nickel for Men, best smelling stuff and no aluminum in their deodorant.