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Natural Cycle Critique


I have a few things that I'm taking but its been a while since I bought/researched them that I'm wondering if I'm timing them right or if they are not good in combination.

Currently I'm trying to optimize my system and help with some hormone issues that may have been caused by excessive drinking in the past.

I'll just list what I'm taking and hopefully get some feedback:

Morning (before breakfast):
200mg calcium d-glucarate
750mg tribulus

Late Afternoon (between meals):
750mg tribulus
400mg vitex agnus castus

Before Bed:
50 mg tryphonia (l-5-hydroxytyptophan)


Stack looks good, but I'd be careful when it comes to buying Tribulus. From what I've seen, most of the stuff on the market is worthless.


Throw some M in.


you dont need no tribulus or any of that unless you are over 35 already losing your testosterone production, even then im doubtful of these supplements.


mr. sceptic


He may not "need" Tribulus, but he could likely benefit from it nonetheless.

Most of us don't "need" any supplements, but the right ones can definitely make a difference.

Whether you're doubtful or not, quality Tribulus has been shown to elevate T levels, even in those under 35 yrs of age.