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Natural Competitors Over 6'2" and Stage Weight?


Hey guys, wanted to pick a few brains so of course I turn to the go to T Nation.

A point has been brought up in some recent threads that (obviously) most even lean and well built guys need to lose much more BF than they think to be in “contest shape”. For example, most contest threads have well built guys coming in around 160’s on stage. I have noticed how ever that most of these guys while looking great are under 6 feet.

I am 6’4, and right now my focus is not to get on stage any time soon, but to bring down my BF to just build a better looking physique. But i was wondering if anyone was a 6’3-6’5 guy or knows someone who had competed at the ametuer level and what they came in weight wise

Obviously if they are similar body fact levels, a guy who is 5’7 is going to look much thicker than one who is 6’4. I was just curious if anyone had an idea of what a competitor of the later height would need to come in weight wise to look proportionate.

Or maybe it just doesnt matter lol thoughts and comments please!


I’m 6’2 270 at a BF% of 19 lol but then again I’m not a body builder I’m a powerlifter who bodybuild for fun on the occasional off day. but isn’t there two different weight classes if you’re 6’3 id think you’d still want to weigh 220 to 240. But 160 at 6’3 sounds border line anorexic. I’d say worry about building mass and deiting down later. Natural doesn’t mean anorexic.


I agree with 160 would look incredibly small on a guy that height, thats why i was asking to see if anyone knew of someone who had competed at that height and what their weight was.

Again this is in no way a direct reflection of me or my goals, i can not stress that enough lol i have no impending desire to compete at the moment. I was just looking to see what someone my height would look like on stage without gear.


In that case and judging by the natural competitors at my gym id say 190 to 240ish


guys like Truthandlife here are 190 at 6’0 so as a rough guesssstimate add 10lbs per inch =230


I’m 6’3" and competed (in Physique) at ~183#. I’m not a big guy, but I’m not small either.

At 6’3", unless you’re a genetic freak, you’re never going to get to a stage-ready bodyweight of 220-230# as a natty. (To put it in perspective, Arnold was ~6’1", and competed at ~230-235#.)


I’ll throw this out, because it’s relevant,… are you thinking of doing tested shows? Obviously guys stepping onstage after passing poly’s and urinalysis tests are going to weight a bit less than their counterparts.

In most tested feds, heavyweight classes are 190 lbs +, and the competitors are usually 5’11 - 6’2 or so. Admitedly I havent seen too many guys carrying over 200 lbs in contest shape, even in the heavies. THe few who have weighed in around 215 or so (and closer to 5’11 in height) usually land in last place due to their smooth conditioning.

I would GUESS, that you would need to be at least 210 in contest shape, and most likely you could be more than that if your structure allows. An old buddy of mine was about 6’2 and when he did his first show, he nailed his conditioning, but even he’d tell you that he needed more size to land a top spot.

And yes, true “contest conditioning” is something that very few gym rats understand until they’re really been through a prep, or even been very close to someone who has lost 20 lbs more than his friends all thought he would actually need to.



I don’t know 190 at 6’3 still seems so small.


One of the INBA pros trains at my gym, (I think he is 6’3", and I think that is the right name of the org). He won the San Francisco Pro Show last year, after the original guy failed the drug test. He weighed 205, but he thought he needed to be heavier, that said, I think he is huge (though I have never seen him doing any poses), and from what I can see he really only needs to work on his chest.


I’m 6’3 and I felt like starving down to 215 for wrestling from 240 was one hell of a nightmare now 12 years later at 270 if I did want to do a contest getting down to 230 seems like hell lol. Granted I’m 270 at 20% body fat and a powerlifter so my opinion is pointless lol just getting it out there


Everyone just remember he asked the weight for a natural.


Yep people underestimate, how much muscle( and eating :expressionless: ) it takes to fill out a tall frame. JJ Watt has the level of muscle you would need to be competitive and is 286 with outline of abs. Even if you take off 40-50lbs to get in true contest shape thats still 235ish


lol, some strange perspective in here. Check this guy out. 6’ 3", 190lbs.

God, isn’t he just so skinny. Dude looks anorexic. I’d hate to be as much of a waif as him.


here’s another. Look at his skinny little toothpick arms


A problem with individual photos is that these competitors have to compete against others. Look up Michael Calaminici, he is an IDFA and UFE Pro, on his Facebook page he has a picture of him being sponsored through Muscletech. He is 6’3", he competes at 185-190, but, and this is a huge but, as impressive as he looks from the front, he looks equally unimpressive from the back.

It all depends on what you goals are though, like are you wanting to get to the elite level, or are you more into Bodybuilding for it’s own sake, and just want to compete and do well?


Kurt weidner, WNBF pro, 5’11, 200 lbs CONTEST WEIGHT.


that dude must be HUGE in the off season.

You were a pretty big dude in your competition days, Stu. What was your stage weight?


a lot of awesome answers in here.

To answer Stu, if i ever did shows in would be most likely years down the road, but i like the idea of a tested organization. I have, a least at the moment, made the decision to stay natural. Absolutely nothing against those who do use, just not for me. i have a long road to go and i am aware of that and at the moment simply enjoying the ride. That being said would never expect to come in contest ready at 230 naturally, most likely ever.

Again i was just curious if people had some experience with it cause as we have all know, 190 on 5’9 frame and 6’4 frame will look vastly different. It interesting to see how different sizes fill out. Also being in the minority of height on the taller side of the spectrum, I was interested to have a visual of what it would look like to be “filled out”


My goals at the current moment are get down into a more aesthetic physique. If i ever did compete, obviously i would do my best to win, but i think it would be a more for me thing to prove to myself i did it


My heaviest was 178 at 5’8.

It’s funny in hindsight, how there were a few online “experts” who had never competed but dismissed my size because I was under 200 lbs when I stepped onstage. Of course folks in the know, realize how impressive a single digit body fat ~180 lbs of muscle on a small skeletal frame actually looks.