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Natural Born Killers

I don’t know if many of you guys have heard of Boondock. Well, until now, I thought he was probably the best MMA video guy bar none.

However, this video is made by someone else and it’s really well done. It focuses on some less well known but still excellent fighters.

“The Chronicles of Jay Hieron, Robbie Lawler, Drew Fickett, Anthony Johnson and Jorge Masvidal by Genghis Con”

Genghis Con is pretty good. I think Boondock’s editing, mood, and flow with the music is better, but Genghis Con has better graphic abilities by far. Excellent use of visual effects.

I don’t know, that one was good, but I still think boondocks are the best


Boondocks vids are excellent for sure…but anything with UFC era Ruthless and I’m sold.


Comparing apples and oranges imo, different styles… each person enjoys different aspects of each.

The GTA idea was fucking FRESH though