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Natural Bodybuilding Federations?

Guys, I have a question:

What is the strongest, MOST legitimate and “straight-up” (i.e. they DON’T use “natural” only as a marketing tool and “turn their heads” when they KNOW drugs are being used) Natural bodybuilding federation?

I was viewing “Bodybuilders” the other night on tape. Where does “Musclemania” fit in the world of Natural bodybuilding? (It seems VERY popular)

(Note: I ask that you don’t “hi-jack” this thread into a “…what do you define as “natural”?..” thread. I think that most members of The Nation understand the question I am asking).


Patricia let me know that “drug-free” may be a better term than “natural”(that word may DEFINITELY lead to a "thread hi-jacking!)

The NPC?

Again…where does the “Musclemania” event fit in all this?

Technically the Musclemania should be a natrual BB show. They test the top five contestant in urine sample it pretty intense to my friend and client competed in 1999 Musclemaina placed 2nd in the batam weight class he had to take the urine test and he was escorted by Rondono’s policeman to the urinal. The results aren’t final that night also you can techically be stripped away of your placing if test postive. The actual results get post on their web site a week lator. But I don’t know how natural the pros are because some of them don’t look natrual to me. On the whole though I think MM does do a great job in promoting natrual bodybuilding and its the step in the right direction. The new Pro in Musclemaina looks unbelievable. His name is Jay Catli and he’s from the Philippines (he doesn’t look natrual but if he is kodos out to him).

Musclemania is a federation of it’s own. Same as NPC, NABF (North American Bodybuilding Federation), ANBC (American Natural Bodybuilding Conference), etc.

I've watched the Musclemania's shows and basically (IMO), they're trying to put bodybuilding into a "showbizzy" like setting. You know, fancy posing suits, funkier music - stuff like that. I know that the NPC has allowed competitors to wear jewelry and fancier posing suits for the evening show - but the morning shows (prejudging) it's still all business. I'm not a big fan of Musclemania. I still prefer the competition that is provided in the NPC. I still believe the NPC provides the best in competition (judging, competitors, promoters). But that's my opinion.

There was a promoter that "jumped ship" from the NPC and was busily bad mouthing the organization every chance he got, even sending me an email about this negative feelings as well as promoting his new "natural" organization. I gotta say that this promoter is also a national level competitor and one of the biggest users of synthol on the planet (as well as any other androgen) - he's cartoony big now. Anyways, I didn't "jump ship" and I won't ever. But he keeps sending me flyers of upcoming shows within this "natural" organization.

I think Musclemania is good for a competitor who is top ranked regionally and needs to gain some exposure nationally. You would compete there, get useto a big crowd, TV coverage, etc. and then go on and compete in a national level NPC contest. Just my thoughts...

The competition I did recently was an organization called NANBF. They do a lie detector on every contestant and collect urine samples from all contestants, most likely to only test the top winners due to cost, or to do limited random checks. They don’t really tell you who will actually be checked. I know guys that have used who have competed in their shows and not gotten caught, so it is hard to say if it works. They even have a ban on andro products and herbal diuretics. So no Mag-10, 4-AD, or Taraxatone for me, though I would love to use all of them. I have considered doing NPC shows in the future just so I can use them.

Interesting question, but I would have to ask  what do you define as natural? 
Just busting ya. Have no clue.

Interesting!..I always thought “Musclemania” was an event, not a Federation. It’s good to know that…

From what you guys are saying…the Federation really doesn’t mattter…there will ALWAYS be somebody attempting to beat whatever drug testing there may be…

Hey…guess that’s “life” in this game…

Also Tito Rayamond was banned from competing in NPC in 1999 because he did the pro show in Musclemaina he was not allowed to compete in the TEAM Universe that year I think he was suspend for a year in NPC. Ricky Jackson was also suspend to I think. Same as Skip La Core Thats why they don’t compete in the musclemaina anymore. There’s a little rivalry between the NPC orginazation and Musclemaina. NPC is also the road to MR. Olympia, Arnold Classic, and other pro shows that Weider sponsors. The only two shows that are popular in Musclemainia is Musclemaina World which held at Rodondo Beach, CA and the Superbody which is held in Miami also the have international shows as well. They combine both the amature bb and the pro in one night. They put on a pretty good show it like a movie production that they do. But the prize money is not all that great for the pro’s only $10,000 for first. Thats why I guess people like Skip, Tito, Tricky Ricky Jackson, compete sole in NPC shows now. For a bigger purse.

I have competed in shows with the ANBC and the NABF. ANBC uses polygraph and NABF uses a urine test. I have attended a MuscleMania show, and there is a BIG difference. The quality of the competition and the high-end professionalism the organization strives to achieve is certainly admirable. I woud say that MuscleMania is the top natural organization, especiallu if you are considering using bodybuilding as a means of self-promotion.

fitone: get it right. NPC is AMATUER. There is no money rewarded. Only a trophy. However, a overalll win in a national level NPC show, such as Team Universe will get you some hefty endorsement contracts. But that’s it.

Please, oh please can you for once post something that is clear and concise? Not a flame, just a suggestion.

Gotta back Patricia up here. Fitone, reading one of your posts is like trying to see through pea soup. Think you could be bothered to proof-read once in a while?

I did get it right NPC is an amature but it is the pathway to IFBB. I think I stated that NPC is the road to the Mr.Olympia and Arnold Classic. I competed in NPC shows and ANBC also another amature with a pro divison also.

I am a natural bodybuilder with the NGA.
I just received my pro-card this past weekend.
They tested me by polygraph before the show to prove that I was 7 years natural, meaning no test boosters, clenbuteral,diarretics and all that jazz…they even went as far as to ask me if I took anything to be able to pass the polygraph!!
I was happy to take it and feel as though the competitors are all on even ground.
I think urinalysis testing is too easy to pass. There are some “natural” organizations that will only test the overall winners, that to me is not fair play.

over in britian we only have BNBF and the ANB. the BNBF you need to be drug free for 7 years and do polygraph test (not sure on urine sample), the ANB on the other hand is life time drug free and does urine and polygraph testing. As for only testing the winners it makes more sense - if a person is using and doesn’t place (or places out of the top three) what difference does it make it didnt help them any!