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Natural Bodybuilders at Lean 220?


Can anyone attest to knowing any large NATURAL body builders with the above
qualities ? IF so, happy to hear from you.

Very rarely have seen or known anyone to have reached these qualities NATURALLY
- ( I.E.NO DRUGS) .

I see alot of naturals that look big, but not OLYMPIA big. Most think it's impossible
,anyone disagree?


Not this again



I still don't understand why this question keeps coming up.....why is it so important to know If a guy is natty at 220. Is it because the people asking are wondering if they can get that big without juicing? Yes it's possible. I played ball with a guy that as far as I knew was natural and he could have walked on stage and won. He was a god given genetic freak.


Do me a favor....read the thread that was linked.

Welcome to T-Nation.


Yup looks like I was about to fight an argument u have already fought. Thanks for helping me save my breath.


sigh why does this even matter to people? if they cant find an example they just wont lift weights? why dont YOU be the first


Lol @ this again.

There's also probably a very compelling reason that you haven't seen a natural bodybuilder that looks 'Olympia big...'


...OK, people are still responding. We've done this before....too many times to count. Read the linked thread and let it go....and possibly spend some time working on yourself instead of worrying about what other people can do.


Pretty sure no one's taking this seriously at this point, it's TNation's newest running joke.


Why are you blokes so negative ? huh ? how is anyone meant to make any progress and achieve the unachievable if we dont' help eachother. Constructive criticism is good, however in my experience scouring through these forums all people do is criticise and send links that many of us have read 100 times. Thankyou i appreciate it butttt What i'm after is something NEW.

Something other than what's been posted. Right now i'm 200lb , heading towards 10 percent bodyfat, the thing is I DO THINK IT'S possible , however it's getting hard! When i began i was 160lb and everyone said it was genetically impossible, well over time i changed that. Next stage is getting to my ideal weight and looking pro toned at 220lb. I believe i can do it, but would love to hear inspirational stories rather than sad smart remarks. Many people talk of genetic freaks, and whilst i believe they exist i also believe most perceived as being genetic freaks - actually aren't - they work hard and diet right - just ask them.

What's even funnier is that sometimes the people who get frustrated on these forums are the same people who have made little or no progress in years, ( i can tell by their pics ). Come on guys, make this a forum one that welcomes new people and helps one another out.
Should be a supportive community rather than one that rubbishes people who want genuine information. Bodybuilding is get's little support by the public as it is, why make it harder for ourselves?

Goodness forbid someone wants to get big naturally without the juice.


Achilles - The problem is that you have come into OUR community which has been running for 10+ years now, which we will gladly welcome you into, and started asking questions that have been answered DOZENS of times. Not only that, but the threads are easily available for searching. It shows quite overtly that you have done absolutely zero research on your own because those threads would have been the FIRST thing that came up.

Your question came at a time when this very topic has been beaten to death on the forums, in articles, in the LiveSpills, etc... Many people are sick of dealing with it.

The community here will support you 100% in whatever endeavor you choose to pursue related to the strength game, but you do have to do a little work yourself.


I have a suggestion!

Why don't you go out and scour the internet, find a picture of a natty lean 220 and post it here to share with all of us.

I am not joking, I think this will be a brilliant way for you to help us all be positive happy people - AND you will be contributing something NEW! Awesome.


Hallowed, that's a good challenge and yes i'll give it a shot. Now why don't we simplify this, seeing that most people think it's impossible to get to 220lb naturally with under 10% bf. Many arguments have been had and never settled on this website. SO here goes:


Would prefer it be someone close to 220lb with under 10% bfat, but for the purpose of the exercise let's see what we can come up with.

Would be great to call upon and see any "genetic freaks" and "hardworkers".


there is a big difference between 220 contests shape (stage weight) and over 200lbs with sub 15% BF

I'm over 200lbs and under 15% (i think?) and that is no where near 220lbs contests weight.


Gregron would you mind posting your pic ? your stats are stilling impressive even if it's not contest shape yet


You should see his before and after.

Yeah, Gregs pretty awesome.


wow you've gone from looking for olympia big to 200lb under 15% Bf hahaha next is whether it's possible to get to 200lb natural at all! in that case here: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding/getting_too_200lbs_naturally



Should read this article OP
Slick read



Most people don't actually realize what '220 contest shape is' and many misinterpret visible abs or even sub 10 percent for such. I know many natural guys that are 220 and very lean, but still not in contest shape.

I have been 220 and what most consider lean, but not close to contest shape. I'm 204 right no and 9.5 weeks out of a bodybuilding contest and am lean, but still, not near contest condition.

Another thing people also forget is that you could be 235 at 15 percent bodyfat, which is pretty good size. That means you technically have 200 lb LBM, but that does not at all mean that you will be in contest condition at 200 lb because as you diet down, you don't just lose pure muscle.

I'm not saying there is no one in the entire world out there that isn't contest condition lean at 220 as a natural....but I am saying that they have yet to be seen in Natural Bodybuilding as a sport (at least at average heights 5'7-5'10ish).


This. One guy I lift with has been competing for a few years now. Right now he's 230 with full abs and good vascularity (far from natural). He's trying to come in at 205, and he estimates he needs to bulk up to atleast 240 at the same bodyfat %. There's a huge difference between beach body lean with abs and true contest condition.

I understand and can appreciate the sentiment behind "don't set limits for yourself", but 220 contest shape at average height natural is just not possible.