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Natural Bodybuilders and Ketosis?

Do natural bodybuilders generally go into ketosis during their contest prep? Is it intentional or an effect of low cals? If so, how many weeks would they stay there? Is there any fundamental advantage of entering ketosis to get ripped versus just calorie reduction? Are there any successful athletes who subsist on a ketogenic diet?

Paul Carter is a huge fan of ketosis…that’s the only question I have an answer to :grinning:

So is CT

How much periworkout carbs can I have while staying in ketosis? Is 1 scoop of Plazma or 2-3 Mag-10 scoops or some combination still do-able?

I likely was in Ketosis for the last month of my contest prep.

your protein intake was that low?

I think it depends on activity level. Last week I decided to try and had no problem with 150 grams of protein and about 30 carbs. Ketones at .6 in 36 hours and between .6-1.2.

Also if cals are submaintance I think it’s easier because your muscles will get fat depleted too and suck up glucose and aas with less insulin. If you are at maintenance cals or above the muscles will get fat loaded and need more insulin to pull in glucose and aas.

With the exception of very small amounts, like 5 to 15 grams pre-workout you may temporary exit ketosis. This is the classic targeted ketogenic diet (TKD) and you’re generally back in a few hours later. The issue is unless you’re truly fat-adapted, your body is not well equipped to deal with the changing energy sources efficiently. That’s why a TKD works best after several weeks of standard keto eating. This was my own approach. I now use around 10g CHO from cluster dextrin pre-workout added to my protein source. This is enough to drop me to 0.3mml, or even 0.2mml temporarily.

In terms of the sources you mention, I have tried neither but MAG-10 sounds like a decent fit on paper - one serving 20 mins or so pre-workout - on a TKD. PLAZMA has too many carbs, in my opinion. And if you lower the dose you lower the protein. For additional energy, my suggestion would be to stick with the c.10g CHO and add MCT oil. I use C8 and it jacks up my ketone levels within minutes of ingestion.

Not until the last week when it was full blown 25% protein 75% fat full blown Keto. But I’ll tell you my sweat and breath and body odor (and umm, flatulence) was not just bad, but bizarre smelling!