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Natural Body Transformation


I would like to share with you my 32 Week Body Transformation. I began my cut with 92 kg, lost 0.5 kg / week for 32 weeks and ended it with 76 kg.

I am not a fan of extreme diets (low fat, low carb, too low in kcal’s, veganism, raw… etc.), so I decided to go on a fairly slow cut. However, I think it was worth it, as I lost (almost) no muscle mass. But please judge yourself! :slight_smile:

If you want to see the entire 32 Week Body Transformation, I made a short video with daily picture I took in my home photo studio. I think it’s fun to watch! :slight_smile:


good work!

Very nice!

Very impressive. You must really be dedicated.

Great job. Im just trying to get to your week 1. Haha

looks great, you’ve got a lot of great detail in your legs.

Thanks! Do you think so? I considered my quads to be the weakest part in my physique. However, now - one year later - things look completely different and I guess they are the strongest part of my body! :slight_smile:

Freaky transformation for natural. I’d say you’ve achieved and Olympic Sprinter build. To a smaller scale of course.

What is you height???

Wow, just wow. So impressive, and so inspirational. Great job, you look amazing.

Would you mind sharing some info regarding your diet? Did you reduce your calories to a small deficit or create it through busting your ass in the gym? Did you set any specific macros?

Also, how often did you lift? Did you perform any cardio?

Love the vid. You should be incredibly proud of yourself. Great job.