Natural beef

Biotest must have called my local supermarket and told them about their success with the new lower prices. I just went there to buy a steak after work and all the natural beef, (no homones, not grain fed) was at a managers special. Then there was a green sticker that said either 2 or 3 dollars off of that price. I was buying 9 dollar cuts of meat for 5. I ended up leaving with 7 steaks. Right now I am actually considering going back and clearing out the rest of them. Talk about lightning striking twice! I hope this craze catches on with everything I buy!

was it maverick? that maverick is good!

i have two strip steaks, pork chops, and chicken waiting for me this week… yumm


There is a grocery store in my area that has chicken for $1.99/lb occasionally which is pretty phenominal for quality, fresh, trimmed chicken breasts.

The first time I saw this I walked out of there with $80 in chicken and overfilled my freezer. The meat department guy just shook his head and chuckled. Maybe I could have been less of a dick trying to buy up EVERYTHING.

Someone needs to start harping on the benefits of low-protein, high-carb diets again. That is the only way that this Atkins craze bullshit will allow meat prices to plummet again.

Maverick is still grain fed. What supermarket has non-grain fed (ie. grass finished) beef? I’ll shop there. I’m tired of ordering my beef on-line.

yorik, I doubt a store like that exists. As far as I know, almost any beef you buy is at least finished with grains.

You’d have to find a farmer and buy a quarter to half of beef if you want totally grass fed.

Hannaford is the store. I’m not totally sure it’s grass fed or not. I remember no hormones and not fed animal parts. Maybe still grain fed though. There is only a small section in the meat dept. there was only about 20 cuts of meat and I took 6 or 7. I love the look I get when cashing out though. Some lady in front of me had a conveyor full of crap, doritos, soda, ice cream, cereal, and the list goes on. Then I start unloading steaks, chicken, tuna, nuts, cheese… the cashier was giving me a little strange look.

Don’t know what part of the country you are in but here in socal I get New Zealand grass fed beef at Whole Foods Market. They also carry domestic grass fed, but I try to stick to NZ when possible after reading that the processing standards of NZ meat is vastly superior. I have gotten various cuts for as low as $5.00/lb. I know Whole Foods is in Arizona as well.
Also if you have Trader Joe’s they have grass fed beef from time to time, but it seems rather sporadic.

I’m in so cal around the long beach area, where is that whole foods market located?

i like my cows on a high-protein diet… even if it was their brother or that little lamb two barns down.



I think there is one in Redondo Beach, but here is a link to the Whole Foods website, there is a store locator at the top of the page, looks like they are pretty much everywhere…

Why are animals such as cows, horses, etc. so “jacked” when all they do is it grains and no protein.

Why are animals such as cows, horses, etc. so “jacked” when all they do is it grains and no protein.

  1. They do get protein, and they get it from grass and grains.

  2. They are designed to do that. They have the digestive systems that are capable of being healthy eating grass.

Don’t get me wrong, I eat tons off meat. But I once saw a study (actually an interview) with a bodybuilder that only ate 60 grams of protein a day. He said it was on that diet that he gained the most muscle.