Natural Aromatase Inhibitors

Are there any that anyone recommends that are worth adding in to complement anastrozole that my dr is recommending I take

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DIM is the only one I am aware of. It’s from cruciferous vegetables.

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You don’t need to complement anastrozole, it’s a very potent drug that needs no add-ons.

Most men on TRT don’t need AI’s.

What makes your doctor think you need one?


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As you know from other thread. I’m on HCG also. And my estrogen levels are high along with dealing with side such as feck all libido, crap erections, oily skin that’s slowly breaking out in spots. Some painful

When I spoke to doc today and raised the topic of HCG being the culprit and coming off it. And just sticking to the test. He advised against it, suggested a 1/4 of a pill of anastrozole once a week. If that doesn’t work, he wants to increase the test dose (currently 0.25ml of cypionate twice a week)

When you’re ready to start feeling better, stop the hCG and AI.

I am tempted to ignore the doc on this one and just stop the HCG

Whilst it might take time. I assume I can reverse atrophy and fertility down the road if I need / wanted too by adding HCG back in?

That is of course if I find atrophy does happen. I know for some it’s small and others not at all

Zinc is a potent aromatase inhibitor.

Pre-TRT I crashed my e2 with regular zinc.

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systemlord, maybe " most men" don’t need an AI, but for those of us do AI’s are a life saver, really they are.
I wrote this post not realizing it was about Natural AI’s, but I have chosen to not erase it.
Years ago I was a bit over my 200mg/week of prescribed TRT and my E2 hit 150; I do not need to tell you how sh!tty I felt.
My local Dr. at the time would not prescribe Adex as it was “off-label” use and in that small town NO off-label usage of anything was ever prescribed. I located some liquid Adex and three weeks later my E2 was below 50 and I felt much, much better.
I now take 3/4mg per week of Adex, and 500mg of Resveratrol daily and will get my blood drawn again in 3 weeks and see what numbers I get: without the Resveratrol using 1mg/week of Adex, my E2 was at 8. Yes 8, and my Free T was over 1000. With 1/2mg of Adex per week IIRC, was in the 50-ish range. My goal is to get my E2 into the 25-30 range so I will continue at 3/4mg of Adex per week and 500mg daily of Resveratrol. I will post when I get my next set of blood work results.

My 17-Beta Oestradiol is 166.0 pmol/L at last bloods (last week) so doc has issued anastrozole 1/4 tab per week. And another set of bloods in 6 weeks

Since there’s a strong feeling amongst those on here who are very knowledgable that HCG is the issue. I’m unsure why my doc is insisting I keep taking it, especially when I’ve informed him fertility isn’t important or why he’s not reducing the dose, just adding more meds and even talking about increasing my test dose

there are other benefits to hcg other than fertility… keeps other hormones etc rocking aswell. they also may feel its ethical should u stop trt its easier to regain normal test levels aswell as if under 40yo may change your mind about kids…

also possible going to a pill mill trt clinic that makes more $ more he RXs…