Natural Aromatase Inhibitors Successful?

Recently ,i have been trying to drop my anastrozole and just let my T run free, but unfortunately I’m one of those guys that needs an AI. Frankly, I’m not sure why some guys can drop their AI and do great, while the rest of us struggle with high E2 and the side effects we get from the high it. Personally, I tried going 9 weeks without an AI and that was a real problem, I experienced ED, low libido, and BPH which is a real problem, since in my case I was getting up at night every hour, to take a leak. I should point out that when I’m in balance I only get up once a night.

Regardless of my results, I need a more natural way of controlling a rising E2. I know of many natural aromatase inhibitors, but I was wondering if anyone has had success using them and could perhaps share some dosing information. Personally, I’m considering using DIM in conjunction with nettle root extract capsules as opposed to the tea.

Please share your thoughts.


Are you sure its high e2 and not low?

Yes. In order for E2 to be low I would have to be taking some sort of AI, and I’m not and haven’t been for 9 weeks.


I don’t see any labs posted. Have you measured your E2 levels?

Hey Youthful,

Of course. This post is only about natural AI’s. Do you have any experience with them?

How much and how often aren’t you injecting testosterone?

No you absolutely would not. It can be too low without an ai.

Hey Grossamer,

Are you using a natural AI?

Good to know, but still not the topic of this thread. It would be great if you could comment on natural AI’s. Have you ever uses any?

Thank you.


I have no personal experience with using DIM. I’ve read a lot about it, but there are a lot of conflicting ideas. It is reported to help BPH, by the way. I do recommend it on occasion and some patients report it to be beneficial with E2 side effects. Dose is 100mg per day

Hey Highpull,

What you say is true and it’s also true that DIM isn’t an AI, but simply put it expedites estrogen through the liver more efficiently, thereby lowering the estrogen level. Unfortunately, it will not stop the T conversion to E2.


No. The reason I asked about your dose and frequency, was because I recently switched to eod injections, and dropped the AI. I was injecting 160 mg test per week, split into twice weekly injections. I was on that protocol for around 6+ years, while taking 1/4mg anastrozole twice a week. After switching to eod injections, I’ve upped my T dose to 250mg per week. And I do not need an AI. The symptoms that I had with less T on twice a week injections, are gone.

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My apologies, I did not mean to imply that DIM is an aromatase inhibitor and therefore reduces the aromatization of testosterone to estrogen.

I’ve found DIM to work exactly like an AI.

Problem is estrogen is 100% not your problem. Your problem is likely from the fluctuations in testosterone. Increase number of injection a week to fix this, then give the protocol enough time to reach homeostasis. You may also need more Free-T to feel good. I’d do at least 150mg/week as most don’t feel good with mid-range levels on TRT.

When I first joined the forum, I created a thread exactly like this, but learned I was seeking a solution for a non-problem. Only men with a very rare condition called Aromatase excess syndrome should even consider AIs or lowering their estrogen.

Hey Marcus,

You sound knowledgeable or at eh very least experienced. I take 70mg T-Cyp E3D and I’ll have E2 in the mid to high seventies. At that level of E2l I get a lot of side effects like I listed in my post. Are you suggesting that I inject EOD vs. E3D and hang in there for 6-8 weeks for homeostasis to take effect?


Yes, I would pick one thing and stick with it for two months.

For instance, if you decide on an EOD protocol (at least 150mg worth a week), stick with it for 2 months, then get bloodwork to see your Free-T. It should be over 30 pg/mL. Then take a week to assess how you feel everyday. If feeling ok, then give it another month and you might feel even better. If feeling good some days, but not others despite good sleep, then increase to ED injections. If not feeling good at all then increase dose to 200mg and try again. You should feel differences and this will help you assess what’s your best protocol for symptom-relief. Good chance 150-200mg will get you feeling descent, if not optimal, especially at daily intramuscular injections after 2 months.

From experience 100mg dailies had me feel shitty. 150mg had me feel descent. 200mg has me feel best so far (as of 2 weeks, but felt better right away). We all respond differently but most of us respond similarly to this.

My problem is I feel good in the libido department for a while but as E2 climbs I get high E2 sides like BPH which only shows up when my E2 is high, like 78 and then I’m up all night peeing every hour. Last year I was injecting .23ml EOD for a while and bailed due to the high E2 sides. OK If I understand you correctly. I should get back to my EOD .23 which is about 172 weekly, and tolerate the E2 sides foe 8 weeks? If so, that is what I just went through, although I was using a testosterone cream since the doc though it would be better off no spiking, but I think it was worse.

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Really? Could you please explain how something that’s not an AI, works exactly like an AI?

It’s not E2 sides, it’s fluctuations and yes. Although in that case I’d go ahead with 22-28mg everyday for 2 months.

Without an AI, E2 would be in the 40s on a trough.
With an AI, E2 would be in the 20s or lower on a trough.
Without an AI, E2 would be in the 40s on a trough again.
With just DIM, E2 would be in the 20s or lower on a trough.

I’m no scientist but looks like it worked like an AI.