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Natural Anti-Depressant?

A few of my friends sometimes suffer from bouts of mild depression.  One female and one male.  A little background on both - they both workout consistently, eat frequent small meals, get plenty of sleep, take fish oil, multi-vit, and glutamine.  My question is this - do any of you know of any effective "natural" remedies for these periods of depression.  I've done a bit of research myself and it seems like St. John's Wort, 5-HTP, and maybe our beloved tyrosine are beneficial.  Any thoughts or experiences?  Cy, if you're out there, I would love to hear your feedback!

Thanks in advance.


In those I have known to use St. John's Wort for that effect, they didn't notice a difference until after a month of using it. Depression is a complex problem. Is there an identified reason so many of your friends are openly depressed?


I appreciate the response. It's not that "so many" of my friends have some huge problem with depression. It just seems that they may have a few days where they're on cloud nine and then a few days (up to two weeks maybe) where it seems like their world is going to end. I'm certainly no psychologist. I'm just commenting on what I've observed. I was just hoping that I could refer them to something that might help to even things out.


St.John's Wort, active ingredient, Hypericin, take a while to work as Prof X says. Typically you'll nail a jar full and start on the second before you feel much better. Its prescription in some countires notably Germany and always use the standardised variety from a respected manufacturer, i.e. Solgar.

Simple exercise is a very good emood elevator, that and winning the lottery.


I third the St. Johns Wort. Look for a standardized extract for total hypericins and hyperforins. Usually takes around a month to start working though I've known some who start feeling better in a week. I recommend they combine it with Power Drive.


L-Tryptophan (not 5-HTP)
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


You can't get L-Tryptophan.


If they're mild cases try passiflora incarnata. It's effects are pretty much instant (it's the active component in Natracalm) if you're having trouble buying it.

It's a very mild substance to take but it is an MAO inhibitor so it doesn't go well with certain foods and supplements.


Actually you can, it's readily available at many nutrition web sites. I'm not sure why but it's available.


How about a fat bowl of rose hash?


I Agree with the sunshine aspect. I cant speak for the others.

Many people are Vit D deficient and most medical practitioners dont test for it. Many people will tell you when they take Vit D that they feel alot better mood wise.

It's something to look into.


I agree with St Johns Wort as well.. But you have to be patient.

Also, women on Birth Control pills will need a back-up method as the St Johns Wort can make the pill ineffective.


I meant its not legal. Not that it means you can't use it, just its not legal.


Thanks everyone for taking the time to give me some feedback. I'm gonna check into a number of these ideas.
Any other ideas/solutions?


In Dr. Udo Eramus' book, he claims that flax oil may help depression.


THANK YOU! That's pretty vital info. I'd hate to try to help someone out and end up (inadvertently) causing them to get pregnant!


I'm a bastard when it comes to this. I find people with depression, anxiety and shit just really weak mentally. And my bro and sis have it so i'm not biased. It's just a matter of get over it you little pussy. They have nothing to be depressed about eiher. How come middle/upper class white kids all have this shit when they seem like a less viable candidate. Than people living in ghettos and shit with real problems. Maybe it's how pharmacies make money. I think they just accept the idea and say...well i'm depressed. Now I can act like a fuckin basket case....


Maybe I'm a jackhole about the whole thing, but welcome to the world. I cant imagine having a week without being depressed at least one of them. I think you need to find out, though I cant say I would know how, if its normal depression/heartaches of life, or something mental imbalance.

I doubt anybody can be on cloud nine for any extended period of time.


So you don't think that occurances in one's life can alter them mentally to where they actually have a real problem? You think that all the people you hear say they are depressed are just going through an emotional "season"? While I see many cases of people that are in essence just bummed, I do KNOW that depression is real and it sucks.

People like you are the one's I wish I could trade shoes with for a while and have you experience the SHIT I have been through and then tell me that it's a weak mentality. Well guess what padnuh, I am VERY strong mentally, but I've been through shit that would make you cry like a little bitch and possibly take your own life. So until you actually experience it, stfu.